Saturday, 27 July 2013

A finally finished Japanese Battalion

After a discussion on TMP about the size of Japanese Units in WW2, I added a fourth company to my already existing battalion of three companies to bring it up to proper strength.

So here is the entire four company strong battalion, along with 70mm gun support. There is an awful lot of firepower in this unit. It's going to be interesting to see how the British stand up to them (when I buy and paint some...):

Obviously only painting eleven men took a lot less time than the whole battalion so I did these two 70mm Mortars for support as well:

OK, that's all for now as I am busy working on my dissertation, I think things may slow down over the next couple of months as I head towards the end of the line with the MA in September, but I'll keep posting stuff as I will need a break from chemical warfare every now and then...

Also, if you are interested in Prisoner of War camps and archaeology, then my company, Elmet archaeology, are excavating on a Prisoner of War camp at Hickleton Hall, near Doncaster. We have a daily blog which details all the interesting finds and features we are working on, take a look HERE.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Looking good on your foam pieces! Enjoy.

    1. Thanks Jay! The hills came from TSS, I think, I've had them for a long long time...

  2. Damn nice unit sir, I was just reading a batrep in the latest Wargames Illustrated featuring Japanese and Russians, the Japanese are damn good in the early years!

    1. Thanks Fran, yeah, from what I saw in Singapore they pretty much walked over everything they faced off with. But with the amount of firepower in the units, I'm not surprised!


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