Thursday, 29 August 2013

David and Goliath

I am now within weeks of finishing my dissertation and two years of postgraduate study, but I have been able to get some paint on my brush during times when I need a break from describing victims of mustard gas. During one of these stints I managed to finally tackle the last of my Triples stash. I had picked up several KV-2s and a T-26 Flamethrower tank by Zvezda all in 1/100 scale. as with all the Zvedza kits, they were easy to put together and a pleasure to paint. I've yet to come across a bad Zvezda kit. Enough waffle, onto the pictures.


I have four of these beasts. That will be enough as they were only used in small numbers on the front anyway.

I'm looking forward to seeing how much devastation that 152mm gun will bring...

And David; the T-26 Flamethrower tank. I only found one of these on the stalls at Triples, but again, that's enough for my needs. 

That's all for now, thanks for looking!!


  1. I have just painted a pair of the KV-2s, yours look neat.

  2. The KV-2 along with the ISU-152 are my favourite WW2 era soviet tanks, lovely work.

    1. Cheers Fran, yeah I like the big bears as well. I hope Zvedza start making some of the tank destroyers soon!

  3. I love the finish you're getting on these. How do you paint them?


    1. Thanks FMB, the Soviet vehicles are really simple. A coat or two of Russian Green (Vallejo), inkwashed with water thinned black acrylic (from a discount bookshop), then dry brushed with a mix of Russian Green and White. That is literally it. The Russian Green takes the black wash really well.

      The final stage is enamel spray matt varnish by Humbrol. Tracks and exhausts are done in my usual way, like this:


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