Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Keeping your bush nice and trim

As I was at a wedding this weekend I didn't get much painted so I thought I'd do a quick product review. I recently bought some grass tufts from the Warpainter on ebay. They were an absolute bargain, at about £7 for over 100 tufts with free postage! Added to this, they only took two days to arrive after I'd ordered them! They arrived in this DVD style box, with instructions of use on the back:

Open them up and this is what you're faced with. I got a mix of dry grass and dark green grass. I wanted the dry grass for the jungle bases of my current Malaya project. I also wanted the dark green grass as a mix and to see if I can use them for European bases.

So I leapt straight in and started applying the tufts to some of my existing bases. They are really easy to use, just pluck them off the backing paper with tweezers and push down onto the base and as they are self adhesive there is no messing about with glue:

I added some to all my Japanese and British bases and they really add a jungle feeling to the figures:

Here is how the Dark Green tufts look on a couple of Russian 76mm A/T guns:

I'm really chuffed with them and will be buying more in the future. I certainly can't recommend these enough! Thanks for looking!


  1. Hoping they ship to the US. I sent him an email to ask.

    1. I hope so to, Jim, they are excellent and great value for money (here in the UK anyway!). Good luck!

  2. Looking very nice...and simple!

    1. Thanks Phil, yep, they are a great time saver and cheap too!


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