Friday, 28 February 2014

Roland CII

And here it it finally is! After several months of building the Roland CII is based (I also repainted the wheels grey as the black was too striking) and finished with the addition of two crew men, discussing aerial combat tactics. For those that are interested they are the  from Czech Master Kits, which I bought from Hannants. I have spent a great deal of time talking about this model, so I'll shut up and let the pictures speak for themselves:

'No Fritz, you fly OUT of the sun, not INTO it!'


  1. Really nice modeling, AbS. The diorama is a great way to show it off.
    BTW, the ground cover is spiffy!

    1. Thank you Jay, I'm glad you liked it. The ground was pretty easy to make, really!

  2. Very nice model.

    You should be very proud of it. I could never get to grips with the rigging of WW! airplanes.


    1. Thank you Tony, I am pleased with the result, there's a few things I'd change, but that is the learning process, I guess!

      I use the stretched sprue method for the rigging, it makes things a lot easier than thread.


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