Saturday, 5 July 2014

All the Kaiser's Men

I put the finishing touches to the box of 20mm Caesar German First World War figures I have. These are the left overs from the two sections that I had already completed and are made up of some figures wearing gasmasks. There wasn't enough in the full box of different poses to make a full section of gasmask wearing men, so this was the next best thing.

Also there were a few figures that I couldn't really use elsewhere, including a couple wearing trench armour. This was very rare in reality and cumbersome to wear, so the amount of men in this stuff is a bit unrealistic, but they do quite nicely as sentry figures and Big Men. The same could also be said for the chap wearing a gasmask with about eight hand-grenades hanging off his chest. I do like the guys armed with trench clubs though!

So this is the German force I have so far, it's enough for a decent game, I just need to find the time for one!

I have some Early War Miniatures Germans on order, so when they are finished, I will post pictures.


  1. well done very gd .. cool basing

    1. Cheers Dave, I'm glad you like them!

  2. Very nice- inspires me to get some paint on mine.



    1. Thanks Pete, I'm glad to hear I've inspired you! The more WW1 figures out there, the better!


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