Lancer Miniatures 20mm First World War British

In my break from Stalingrad, I wanted to add a few more figures to the Through the Mud and the Blood collection, especially as the early attempts had ended up with dual based figures. This didn't really work in games, plus I wasn't massively keen on the plastic figures themselves anyway; they are cheap, but the poses are limited. I was hunting around for other 20mm metal figures and came across Lancer Miniatures, who have a First World War range. It's not massive by any means, but they do have rifle grenadiers! This means I don't have to convert any more figures! So I scraped together some cash and bought about twenty five minis to see what they were like in the flesh. They arrived in quick time and I painted the first eight as a rifle grenadier section consisting of four grenadiers and four riflemen.

They were painted using Sidney Roundwood's template, if it ain't broke, don't fix it... The bases finished off with scatter grass and some scatter from Treemendous. The figures are excellent, nice poses and well detailed. I will certainly be buying more of them!

All simple stuff! There are more of these little fellas to paint over the next few week, so keep an eye out for them.

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Thanks for reading!!


  1. They look good. I've never seen figures with rifle grenades before. Were they commonly used by the British?

    1. Thank you! There's very few manufacturers that do rifle grenadiers, so I was happy to find them. Yep, in 1916/17 the British army reorganised it's platoons into four sections, one of riflemen, one Lewis gun section, one of bombers (with normal hand grenades) and one of rifle grenadiers. They acted as the platoon's close support artillery in the new tactics that were codified in SS143 Instructions for the training of platoons for offensive action. Here's an online copy:


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