Hefty Halftracks

My latest additions to the German vehicles for Stalingrad are two Plastic Soldier Company SdKfz 251s, one of these will be for the HQ of the 14th Panzer Division, the other for the 14th Panzer Division's Engineer Battalion.

The Engineer's halftrack is the 251/7 Pionierpanzerwagen variant, with assault bridging equipment. I bought a specific halftack of this type from Command Decision, but instead of using the metal body, I attached the ramps to a PSC model, so that the two halftracks models would be similar in size and detail. I'll use the extra Command Decision body for something else in the future.

The HQ halftrack is the normal bog-standard variant. I was going to upgrade it to a 251/10 with the 37mm AT gun, but I figured the Germans have enough firepower as it is, so I am going to pretend it is a 251/3 command vehicle with extra radio sets...

Another week another step closer to finishing. We are not far off now and I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel...
I am still selling the rubble you can see on the bases of these vehicles, you can find it here on EBAY. It's pre-painted and comes in three colours Black/Grey, Dark Brown and Brick Red.

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  1. Great paint job and presentation as always, well done!


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