Wednesday, 21 October 2015

2nd Nassau Brigade in 6mm

Whilst I have been busy in a galaxy far far away, I have also been beavering away on the 6mm Napoleonic project in the background. The latest of which is the 2nd Nassau Brigade under Major General Prinz Bernard von Saxe-Weimar. This unit is the first none-red unit I have painted and consists of three Nassau regiments (in green) and two Orange-Nassau regiments (in blue). The jagers are also present as the skirmishers at the front.

In Blücher terms this is an 'overstrength' unit, which is why I decided to model all five of the battalions that make up the brigade. This will make it easy during a game to spot the larger formations without having to read the information on the base.

It was a nice break to paint a different colour than red and this is also what makes the Anglo-Allied army of the 100 Days Campaign so interesting.

The figures are from Baccus, but are French line infantry, as Baccus don't do a separate Nassau range. At this scale no one will notice!

There are still a few more units to finish off before I have completed I Corps, but more about that in the future! I then may begin on the French I Corps, in order to have some figures to actually use on the table.

Thanks for reading.


  1. I'm sure you just like tormenting me! Stunning work as always

    1. Ha ha ha, thanks Russ. I promise I am only torturing myself, painting this many figures...

  2. How did you make the small box at the back of the stand? I am painting and building the same army with the same stands.

    1. Hi, they are MDF dice holders, I got them from Minibits ( and they are their 7mm dice holders. Which fit perfectly in the space on the base.


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