Some Droids for Star Wars

As a break from painting tiny 6mm figures, I went back to the Star Wars universe and quickly finished a few droids. They all came from Ground Zero Games, in their Work Bots set. First up are these two that look a lot like Wall-E, however, with a dark grey paint job they look more like an Imperial scout droid.

These two will work well as maintenance droids, similar to the MSE droid seen dashing about on the Death Star.

And the final figure from the set looks remarkably like an Astro-Mech droid we all know so well. I painted the other one as R2-D2 previously, so this one got a paint job similar to R5-D4.

As with all the figures from GZG, these are really nice miniatures. They were easy enough to paint and will make for more interesting additions to the galaxy!

Thanks for reading!