Final French Infantry Brigade for I Corps

And finally, the last base of infantry for the French I Corps at Waterloo is the Brigade commanded by Général de Brigade Jean-Louis Brue. This was the second brigade of 4th Division and was made up of the 85th Line and the 95th Line regiments.

Along with the rest of the Division, this unit was involved in the fighting at Papelotte on Napoleon's right flank.

In Blücher, this unit is considered to be understrength, probably because the two battalions of the 85th only numbered 631 men. So, I have represented this by the visual shorthand of three battalions. On my base, the 85th have merged their two battalions into one.

This is the final infantry unit for the French I Corps, I just have a cavalry division to paint now and the Corps will be finished!

Watch this space for the cavalry and some pictures of the full Corps!

Thanks for reading!


  1. I can't believe the quantity and quality of your work Alex! You really are cracking on with this project, it can only be described in one word EPIC!

    1. Thanks Russ, I have reached bit of a stumbling block in a lack of finances. But I am employed again, so I should be able to buy a few more of these tiny chaps.


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