1/48th Fokker DVII WIP Part Two

Continuing with my 1/48th Fokker DVII build, things have been going a little slow with it, due to me being very busy at the moment and not having much time for painting and modelling. However, I did squeeze a couple of game of Wings of Glory in with Ninjasaurus Rex on Sunday which featured three DVIIs. I won both games...

Back on the painting table, I gave the fuselage a white primer then the red colour of Udet's DVII.

However, I wasn't keen on the shade of red, so I repainted it in Vallejo Flat Red, which is a bit richer in colour than the Humbrol red I initially used. I also cleaned up the white on the wings ready for the decals, and the nose was completed in black.

I then gave the entire plane a spray of varnish, I used gloss as it is stronger than matt and I didn't want the paint scratching whilst I worked on other parts. The decals from the kit were added, Ernst Udet's personal insignia, including the name of his future wife Eleanor "Lo" Zink.

And the 'Du doch nicht!!' on the tailplane. This translates directly as 'Not you!!' or a similar sentiment.

Then it was time to begin the work of putting the lozenge decals on that I bought from Aviattic. These had to be trimmed with a sharp scalpel, but went on really well and easily. However, this is when I noticed the discrepancies in the size of the kit. The wings were slightly too long for the decals, so I had to add another extra piece. Plus the wings were slightly too wide, so I will have to paint the front edges later. But, that said, they really look good and I am pleased with the result.

The plane was then put aside to dry and I began work on the upper wing, but more of that in a later post!

Thanks for reading!


  1. I love Wings of Glory, but no Star Wars update on a day like today.... Maybe something on Revenge of the Fifth?

    1. Thanks Ben, ha ha, no, I avoid the whole May the Fourth thing. It's become a bit of a cliché as far as I'm concerned! Ha ha ha!

  2. Beautiful new plane, nice job!

  3. She´s coming together quite well, and I love Vallejo flat red, a great choice that really brings her to life!

    1. Thanks TJ, I have never really used the Vallejo red before, I've always gone with the Humbol that I've had for years. This has changed my habits though...


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