The Big Boys Come Out To Play

Back at the Derby World Wargames show, I picked up some Soviet tank-destroyers from Plastic Soldier Company's stand. They are some of the new Zvezda 1/100 kits and I got two SU-100s and three SU-152s. Last weekend, I was able to paint the SU-100s in between 2mm buildings and 28mm Judge Dredd things! Here they are:

As with Zvezda's kits these are nice but require a little bit of construction. They are snap together so it's pretty simple really, but I was left with a few gaps here and there. It's not massively noticeable, but a slight bug-bear.

I also find the plastic of these kits to be very soft and the small bits to hold the pieces on the sprues are usually in what I would consider the wrong place, which makes cleaning them up a bit of a task.

Having said that, they are very nice little kits, they paint very well and the detail is very crisp and clear. With the expansion of the range and low prices, Zvezda are a great alternative for the 15mm market.

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  1. Nice - I agree about the price and also helpful if you don't want to buy a pack of 5 vehicles !

    The ones I have had look great, except that the track face detail is lacking - so I applied some mud and they looked fine.

    1. Thanks Norm, yeah, usually though I'd buy five, but two is enough for now anyway.

      Mud is the saviour of all, isn't it? Lack of detail, sloppy painting, glue spots... Everything!


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