Mitchell's 4th Brigade of 4th Div in 6mm

The next British brigade that I completed for my 6mm 100 Days Campaign project is the 4th Brigade of 4th Division commanded by Lt-Col H.H. Mitchell. This was a fully British organisation and contained the 3/14th, 23rd and 1/51st (light Infantry) battalions.

This was the only unit of the 4th Division that fought at Waterloo whilst the rest of the division was stationed near Hal to the west of the battlefield.

In Bl├╝cher terms this is a pretty British average unit, with an Elan of 6, they can take a bit of punishment. The 1/51st are the only unit in the brigade not to carry their colours during the campaign, so I left them off here.

It is a full strength unit, but only has three battalions, hopefully this won't cause too much confusion during a game...

A rather unremarkable unit really, but another one off the list. Slowly, slowly, catchee II Corps...

Thanks for reading!


  1. I have so much stuff to paint that will take forever to do! Then you keep posting magnificent stuff like this! Keep up the cracking work.

    1. H aha, cheers Russ, but you haven't seen the pile of metal in my lead pile... I'll never be finished!

  2. Superb as always, details are outstanding!

    1. Thanks Phil, I find the researching each unit as much fun as painting them!


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