Grenadiers of the Middle Guard

Following on from the Old Guard Grenadiers the next Blücher unit I finished is the Middle Guard Grenadiers. It is formed of the 3rd and 4th Middle Guard Grenadier regiments. The 3rd Regiment was formed in Holland as the Royal Guard when Napoleon's brother Louis was crowned King of Holland. When Holland became part of France in 1810 it became the 3rd Regiment of Grenadiers of the Guard. It was then disbanded in 1813 and reformed in 1815 just in time for the 100 Days Campaign. 

The 4th Regiment was raised in May of 1815 to bolster the numbers of the unit. However, this unit is understrength in Blücher terms, so only one Battalion of the 4th are represented here.

This aside the unit is another big hitter, with 8 Elan, shock and skirmishers!

However, in real life, this didn't stop them from collapsing under the pressure of Anglo-Allied firepower in the dying moments of the Battle of Waterloo.

This should be another good unit to field and will certainly give their opponents something to think about, unless they get ganged up on!!

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