Flory Washes on a T-26 and couple of Flaktürme

I have neglected this blog for the last week or so, as I have been in Vienna over the weekend, visiting my wife (she has moved there for a year for a new job, it's a long story...). But before I left, I bought myself some Flory washes for weathering. I've been wanting to experiment more with weathering on bigger models and these had come recommended by a mate who makes some amazing models. The washes are clay based and easily wiped off even when dry, so that some residue remains in the details on the model. Click the link above to see some good tutorial videos about using these.
As a test, I thought I'd try them out on a Zvezda T-26 that I had knocking about.

I like the look, even if the tank is a wee bit too small to see the full effect. The washes got right into the details and look very grimy. I also used the Flory rust wash on the exhaust and tracks.Again, it may be slightly too small to get the full effect, but I am quite happy with it.

I then tried the washes out on a larger model, a First World War Mark IV that I was given for my birthday by a mate. I have yet to actually finish this kit off fully, as I have been waiting to sort out what I am doing with the weathering. I tried out the Flory washes on the rear panels and you can see the results below. I am quite happy with the results again!

As I mentioned, I went to Vienna to see Clare. Whilst I was there I got a chance to see two of the surviving World War Two Flaktürme. She lives literally two minutes walk from these two massive concrete structures in the Augarten. Here's a few photos of them.

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  1. Great photos- really like the Flakturms.




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