The Road to Mandalay

After buying Chain of Command recently, I have been reinvigorated into painting some of my outstanding 15mm figures. We all have massive lead piles sitting around and I am trying my best to reduce mine (ha ha ha ha ha, yeah right...). I went back to revisit my old Malaya campaign and as Dean had given me a load of plastic British 8th Army figures from Battlefront I thought it high time that I paint them. Here are the NCOs armed with Thomson SMGs:

British 15mm NCOs for Malaya

I also dug out my odds and sods of Peter Pig's figures, including these two inch mortar crew:

2 Inch British Mortar Crews for Malaya

I also had a handful of PP's Indians, including Bren gunners and NCOs:

Peter Pig's 15mm Indian Troops

Speaking of Bren Guns, here are a mixture of Peter Pig's and Battlefront's Bren Gunners:

15mm British Bren Gunners for Malaya

There was also a bunch of British riflemen in the figures I was given. 

15mm British Riflemen for Malaya by Battlefront

And finally, the officers. There's a lot of these, so some will be re-purposed as engineers, spotters, scouts and even traffic police. 

15mm British Officers and HQ figures for Malaya

Although it was daunting to sit down and paint about 50+ figures, I did it in a couple of sittings over a few days. I was glad to have finished them as they have been sat around doing nothing for a while. Now they can sit around in a box doing nothing, but at least they are painted!

Speaking of Malaya, one the latest videos on the Storm of Steel Youtube Channel is a military history of the landings on Kota Bharu, the first act of Japanese aggression against the Western Allies, happening about an hour before the attack on Pearl Harbor. Watch the video here (and please subscribe!):


  1. Great looking British minis, well done!

  2. Cracking work. I'm getting a developing interest in Burma, fascinating theatre of war.



    1. Cheers Pete, though these are for Malaya, the early Japanese attack in 1941/2. Burma was a little later.

  3. 15mm is definitely the way to go for chain of command. Nice work!

    1. Cheers buddy, I'm looking forward to trying these figures out with the rules!


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