British Bomber

Working my way through the Hotwheels cars which I bought recently. I completed this military themed sportscar. 

Rather than modelling the interior, I decided to block out the windows with embossed plasticard sheet. This is the thin type, so that it would fit the curve of the car's body. I cut a vision slit in the front so the driver can actually see where they are going... This was painted with Game Workshop's Thyphus Corrosion and drybrushed with Vallejo's German Orange

I painted the bodywork with Vallejo's Middlestone as the base colour and Reflective Green for the camo splodges.  I also added some decals and washed these in a thin wash of Army Painter's Dark Tone Shade. The exhausts and minigun from North Star's Implements of Carnage

This was a nice simple job and another vehicle joins the line-up. I have not really made a concerted effort to paint a team in similar colours, but that is something I will be looking at doing in the future. 

Over on the Storm of Steel Wargaming Youtube channel, I recently posted a full play through of the Arkham Horror The Card Game scenario Undimensioned and Unseen, part of the Dunwich Legacy campaign. There are spoilers in the video, but you can watch it here (and please subscribe!):

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