Blog Update

If you are regular reader of this blog, you may have noticed the slow down in posts of recent. That's because I've decided to wind this down in favour of the growing Youtube Channel, so don't expect to see many updates here. 

Having run this blog for over twelve years now, I found writing posts much more of a chore than it should have been and have enjoyed making videos far more. Given that I want to grow the channel, something had to give and unfortunately it was this blog. Now, I'm not saying that I won't ever get the urge to write something again in the future, nor that I am going to close the blog. I want to keep it open as a place for myself to see my old painting efforts and the development of my hobby over a decade if nothing else. If other people are also interested in that, then they are also welcome to browse through the old posts. I will also continue paying for the domain name, it's only about ten pounds a year, so unless I get into extreme financial difficulties, I'm happy to continue to pay to keep the .com alive. 

So with that in mind, if you are not aware, I am also active on Twitter, where you can follow my hobby updates in a microblogging fashion HERE and you can also see the regular updates of games and reviews and a whole host of other stuff on the Storm of Steel Youtube Channel (click on the name). Storm of Steel is also on Facebook and Instagram, although I don't update these as frequently as Twitter. 

So, this is not a farewell, but just an adieu for now.