Gods of War

Continuing with the First World War theme from the last post, I am going to show some of my tanks and artillery that I game with in Square Bashing. First of all here is a Peter Pig Mark IV tank. It's the Male version in German colours to show that it is a captured tank. The Germans would prominently mark their captured tanks in an effort to avoid any friendly fire... 

Also for the Germans I have a model of the only German tank of World War One, the A7V. Only twenty of these types were actually delivered to the German army before the end of the war, so I bought just one to replicate the small number that were used. This was bought from QRF and is a resin and metal kit, here in a state of undress:

I had to add a cocktail stick for the front 57mm gun as this seemed to be missing from my kit, but the bulky little thing painted up quite nicely:

Here are two British Whippets, 'fast' tanks armed with machine guns again by QRF, something to take the Germans on with!

When I began collecting for my World War One armies I simply bought a late war British and German 'Black Box' from Peter Pig. They have all you need for starting out, and are great value fior what you get but I did find that I had to add to them to bulk up the armies for decent sized games. I added more field artillery to the British army in the form of 18lbers, as you can see here:

These 60lbers came from QRF and are crewed by Peter Pig figures. They make a nice addition to just having 18lbers even if they don't affect the rules at all.

This is some of my German artillery force, it includes field guns, Stormtrooper field guns and trench mortars all from Peter Pig.

I will try to photograph and post all my World War One stuff soon, but until then here are two Germans and a donkey in gas masks.


  1. ...I am not making a donkey in a gas mask...


  2. Ha Ha Ha! You'd have at least one sale from me if you did, Geoff!

  3. Lovely start to your blog! Those big guns from QRF are nice! Shame they wont produce donkeys in masks....I could see alot of use for those ;-)

    Are you aware of the new edition of Square Bashing? Same armies but more streamlined mechanics and based on 6" squares as opposed to 12". Also they now advocate only 3 figures to a base so your purchases go further. 4 figures to a base still look great though!

    I've linked to your blog on my own so I can track your progress.



  4. Thanks Sean, yeah, maybe we should petition geoff about Donkeys in gas masks.

    Actually I wasn't aware of the new edition of SB, but I have had a look and it looks like they have made a lot of improvements, which my opponent had even talked about as we played it anyway! I think I may purchase the new rules on my next pay day and see how they play.

    I agree, four figure bases look good, especially for the level that the game is played at. Thanks for linking blogs!

  5. Nice Christmas Truce song http://youtu.be/ov8FeODxyXU


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