Tanks for the Memories pt2

Having seen the Russians in my earlier post, this post shows the German tanks which I bought with my tax windfall. It was a mixture of early war and late war tanks, but this is because I don't really concentrate on one particular period, but like to have options for the whole war. I have a couple of specific formations, like a Battle Group of GroƟdeutschland, which I will post up later, but most of my tanks are of generic formations. OK, on with the pictures!

First up are my Panzer 38(t)s. I like the smaller tanks of the early war period and have never really understood why most gamers are drawn towards the Panzer porn of the late war. Sure I like Tigers as much as the next gamer, but there's something intriguing about these dinky little fellas! These models are by Zvezda and are very nice indeed!

Along with the 38(t)s I purchased 5 of Zvezda's Panzer IIc. With a load of stowage added (mainly from Skytrex), these are great little models for that advance into Russia!

I did also buy a box of Plastic Soldier Company's Panzer IIIs, thse have stowage added from Battlefront and Skytrex:

Next up are PSC's Panzer IV Ausf Hs along with a Battlefront Jagdpanther, which I got free for a subscription to Wargames Illustrated.

Continuing with the late war theme, here are PSC's Panthers, again, PSC come up trumps with their detailed kits! 

I think StuGs are ace! and PSC's StuG IIIG are brilliant little models, a great addition to any late war German army!

PSC's Sd.Kfz.251c and d are also brilliant kits with loads of imagination gone into their design. Unfortunately I numbered these vehicles before learning that the numbering of half tracks was not a usual practise. These 251ds have now been integrated into an Panzer Grenadier Battalion that I am currently finishing off. I will post pictures when it is finished:


The following are some spare T34s from PSC that I turned into PzKpfw T-34 (r). Inspired by Steven Zaloga's book, Eastern Front, I thought I'd do something different as I already have what seems to be a million T-34s in Russian service. The first picture is without side skirts.

And here they are with the sideskirts:

And the picture that inspired them:

Finally, I forgot to post these last time, but here are my Russian BT-5s, from Zvezda.

It's a shame that this big but enjoyable project is now over, but I certainly am not resting, I have PSC's Tigers, a Russian and German engineer platoon, two 1/35 scale King Tigers, a 1/35th scale Pfalz III, Zvezda Opel Blitzes, Matilda IIs, Sdkfz 222s and several Blood Bowl teams to paint in the immediate future... I will post these as I finish them! I also need to fit some time in to actually game with the tanks!