Monday, 1 December 2014

Let Me Stand Next To Your Fire

As a change from the seemingly endless amount of Germans I have been painting for Stalingrad, I painted up this Early War Miniatures Double Kleif M1917 flamethrower for my 20mm First World War Germans. I have had the set for a while now and really I bought it because of the ready painted flame marker that came with the piece.

The pack consists of five crew men and a Stormtrooper unit leader, along with the lengths of hosepipe for the Kleif. The two flamethrowers are joined together by a Y join and allowed for a bigger and longer flame than the single man-pack.

When the flame marker is added to the mix it makes for a dramatic model!

This will make for an excellent scenario with the double flamethrower making its way across No-Man's-Land to attack a strongpoint.

This was a nice diversion and was a pleasure to put together and paint. The fire marker really makes this set stand out.


  1. Nice piece. I like the flame - suitably terrifying, provided the snipers don't pick them off before they reach their target.

    1. Cheers, yeah it adds a certain menace to the whole thing!

  2. Now that's a flamethrower! Looks great, and nice Jimi reference too :-)

    1. Thanks Paul, I'm glad someone picked up on the reference...

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Jay, yeah it really is, I can't take any credit for the flames though!


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