Chain of Command Kursk PSC Scenario 2: Clearing the Way

Continuing on from the failure of the previous scenario, the Germans were now tasked with clearing minefields to allow the tanks to move forward on the 5th of July 1943. With the huge casualties taken by Platoon A in the first scenario meant that the Germans took their Platoon B into action this time. Accompanied by three mine clearing teams the attackers had to clear at least four minefields to win the game. 

Again with the open areas dominated by the two low hills the German's task was going to be difficult but they were confident.

Gaining the initiative a German section and two of the mine clearance teams moved forward to tackle the first two mine fields. 

But as soon as they did the Soviets jumped up in entrenchments on the hill crest and behind the scrub to start to lay down fire on the German attackers. 

The range was far enough to save the Germans from taking too many casualties immediately. 

Then another Soviet section deployed on the flank to pour even more fire into the attackers. 

In an attempt to balance the forces another German section took positions on the flank to pin the Soviet section in place. 

Even with the German fire drilling down onto the Soviets, they were holding firm and causing more casualties to break the first German section. 

Again, with the German casualties mounting and the mine clearance teams being almost wiped out it was a fool's folly to continue the assault and the Germans began to withdraw off the table. 

Two scenarios down and two losses for the attacking Germans. Again, Soviet casualties were light and they were able to hold the battlefield. How they will fair in the next scenario is anybody's guess but so far they are winning the campaign. 

As before, this encounter was filmed and you can watch the AAR here:


  1. Great photos but it looks like the Germans were sent on another suicide mission without and decent support. I've played similar scenarios from the Skirmish Campaign books on Kurskl (using Arc of Fire rules) with similar results. It is a hard ask for the Germans....



  2. Not the way these scenarios played out in our campaign: German firepower was just to strong. In this scenario, they deployed a couple of sections on overwatch before even attempting a move on the minefields. As I was the Russians, I can only be pleased at the way this is working out.


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