British 3rd Cavalry Regiment

Hot on the heels of my latest British unit for the Malaya campaign come these, the 3rd Cavalry regiment. These are represented by a company of eight men; one SMG, one LMG team and five rifles carried in a lorry. In this case the lorry is a Bedford Truck by Peter Pig.

I mentioned the frosting varnish damage in a previous post, these figures had the worst time of it, but I repainted the highlights and they turned out not too bad.

Following the information from Mike Starmer found HERE, I painted what I thought was a close enough version of Khaki Green 3, mixed from English Uniform and US Olive Drab with camouflage painted in German Camo Dark Brown. It's probably not for the purists, but it works for me anyway.

This unit appears in the source book I am using during the battle of Gurun, fought on the 14/15th December 1941 where a lorry-borne counter attack against the advancing Japanese was initially unsuccessful. A later counter attack had better success when combined with Punjabis and the 2nd East Surreys.

OK, enough of my blabbering, on with the painting! Thanks for looking.

Disclaimer: I have recently found out that the troops should be Indians and the truck painted in stone. I am happy to bluff this, as I ran out of suitable Indian figures anyway...