Second British Battalion for the defence of Malaya

The work on my Malaya/Singapore project has slowed down a little, but I managed to crank out another British Battalion, this brings my total to two British Battalions along with an Indian Battalion. Enough to start the campaign from the Allied point of view.

I used the grass tufts for the base foliage again and was very happy with how the bases look.

A major problem I encountered was frosting on the varnish. It's about this time of year that this problem starts to arise, given the cold temperature. These figures escaped the worst, although some look a little frosted, but another company of cavalry, who I painted alongside these took it bad and may have to be repainted, or even scrapped. It's very disappointing when it happens and kills hours of hard work in seconds.

That besides, I'm pretty pleased with these and it shouldn't be too long before I can start gaming with them!

Thanks for looking!


  1. I stopped using spray varnish some years ago due to frosting. Painting it on is slower but much more reliable. Looking forward to seeing your chaps in action!

    1. Yeah it is a pain alright, it's fine in summer, but then there is six months of the year that it's unusable... Thanks, hopefully it won't be long before they're on the table!


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