Eddie Rickenbacker's Nieuport 28 in 1/72nd Scale

A while back Ninjasaurus Rex gave me this Revell 1/72nd scale Nieuport 28, he was originally going to build it as a wreck and use it as scenery for our Square Bashing games but didn't have the time to do it so passed it on to me. However, it languished in my war chest until the other night when I came across it again and decided it needed building. At first glance it looks a bit crappy, there was a lot of flash on the plastic and it looked a little clunky. However, it went together really well and the parts fitted together a lot better than other kits at this scale.

I painted it as on the kit instructions; the livery of Eddie Rickenbacker's personal aircraft. The American Ace first flew a Nieuport 28 in 1918 and it was also his first aircraft as a combat flyer.

I liked the colour scheme and the decals which include the American propaganda poster 'Fight or Buy Bonds!' and the Hat in the Ring symbol of the 94th Aero Squadron who Rickenbacker flew for.

Rickenbacker ended the war with 26 victories and was the highest scoring American pilot of World War One.

I wasn't going to rig the aircraft, but it looked a little bare without it, so I ended up adding it and am glad I did as I think it looks a lot more 'finished'.

A good little kit that only took a few hours to build and paint. It's made me think about buying more Revell aircraft at this scale.

Also whilst researching this aircraft I found out that Rickenbacker guitars was founded by a distant cousin of Eddie, Adolph Rickenbacker, and used the name as a direct association with Eddie. So that gives me plenty of reason to post this Motörhead video, since Lemmy is the most famous user of Rickenbacker guitars by a country mile: 


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