More British Horse Artillery in 6mm

Following on quickly from the previous post, I added another battery of Royal Horse Artillery to my Anglo-Allied army. 

Baccus figures of the Royal Horse Artillery

I only needed two of these batteries, so this second one completes this part of the project.

This 6mm battery is made up of 5.5 inch howitzers and 6 pounder cannons

Again, I added a limber to the base to give players that quick recognition during games that this is a horse battery and can therefore move and fire in a single turn.

The base label has been laminated for easy marking with a dry wipe pen

There isn't much more to say about this, except that it represents another small step towards finishing the entire army. There are two more bases left to finish now!


  1. Impressive addition, what a great looking unit of guns!

    1. Thanks Phil, let's hope they perform well on the table!


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