Saturday, 17 February 2018

A Mixed Bag

I was in Vienna again last weekend and this coming week I will be attempting to get to St Kilda again (should the weather be kind...). So, I have not really had a chance to get my teeth into anything solid, but I have not been lazy, so here's a mixed bag of things I have been up to:

First up, I have been contemplating how Stalingrad would work with Rommel, using its 1km square grids. So I found this German map of Stalingrad from June 1942 and overlaid a 1km grid over the city and surrounding areas. The city seems to sit perfectly in several squares with the Volga acting as a back line. Food for thought?

Speaking of Russia in WW2, I also quickly knocked together two spare KV-1 bodies from Zvezda (I think I gave the turrets to Dean). I drilled out the top of the tank and they will serve as wrecks or half finished tanks in a factory.

As mentioned, I was in Vienna last weekend visiting my wife. We had a great time, and I also spotted this mural commemorating the creation of Taborstraße in 1409, if my translation is correct.

And finally, I have started work on the second of my new batch of Commission Figurines buildings, this time I am using wallpaper for the interior. More on this as it develops.

Watch this space and thanks for reading!

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Potsdamer Platz Building in 15mm

After finishing the Berlin House recently, I started work on some of the Commission Figurines buildings that I have had sat around for a few years. The first one I chose was the Potsdamer Platz building. This is a lovely model and very highly detailed, but only on the exterior. So my first job was to cut out a piece of embossed plasticard to fit on the floor space (you'll never see this as it's covered with rubble, but I know it's there...). I also took some matchsticks and glued them around the areas where the floors would have been, as though they are the remains of joists and other architectural features. The interior was then painted, with each floor having a different colour to add some interest. Finally, this was all washed with oil paints and weathered before glueing the walls together.

I used polyfilla to seal up the joints in the laser cut MDF at the corners of the building and painted the whole building in Iraqui Sand, with window frames and doors picked out in Pale Sand. I also painted in the exposed brickwork and lined the windows that were missing frames with brick coloured paint. Then this was glued to the base.

My next job was to add the rubble, which was dead easy as I have a ton of home made rubble in a few different colours. All I did was paint the areas that were going to have rubble on with PVA glue then tip the rubble mix over them and let it dry! In the meantime, I put a load of broken matchsticks into a black mix of water and tempura powder and let them soak up the colour. Once these were dry, I added them as burnt and broken beams. I didn't make enough, but I have another batch drying now, so I will add more at a future date.  The final job was to add weathering powders to the exterior, which took no time at all and it was all done!

I have two more of the Commission Figurines buildings on the build pile and have started assembling one of them, but as I am away with work again next week, I think it will be a while before I get a chance to tackle it. 

In other news, Dean has started a blog about his Spanish Civil War project that he has spent the last few years working towards (longer than the actual war...). Read it here: To Meet Within the Sund of the Guns

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Berlin House WIP Pt.2

Following on from the first part of this build, I washed the building in brown oil paints thinned down with White Spirits, a technique I learned from large scale model builders. Then, I added rubble, I was quite sparse with this as the roof is still intact and the only thing that would be in there is stuff that got blown in through the windows or the interior fittings. Then I varnished it all:

And it is complete! At least the two floors are finished.

Top floor:

Ground floor. As you can see from the scale of the tanks (15mm) it is a big building, but will work perfectly as a town hall or administrative building in a city.

So with that done for now (another floor does await for another day), I turned back to some Commission Figurine buildings that have also been sat around for years:

More on this build later, so stay tuned for that!

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Vapnartak 2018

It's February and the start of the war gaming show calendar, so off to Vapnartak and York we went. As ever the show was held at the race course and in the big airy surrounds of the Knavesmire stand. Below is a selection of photos I took as we made our way around the show.

Another good show for the turn out and the display games. However, we were all a little underwhelmed this year. I think all three of us were a bit tired and having had my wing mirror smashed off in the night, along with getting stuck in the mud of the carpark, twice, put a slight dampener on things. None of those reasons were the show's fault though and it was a good day out. What did I buy? Nothing, not a thing. Nada & Zip. At the moment, I am working my way through my backlog of terrain, so no knew figures for a while!

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Berlin House WIP Pt.1

About a decade ago, Ninjasaurus Rex stumbled across the Italeri Berlin House model kit in a shop, for a decent price and being a decent fellow, bought it for me. The idea being I would make it and then we'd both get to use it in games anyway. The kit is 1/72nd scale, but I raised the ground floor interior to make it more suitable for 15mm. I also cut down the small shed on top and filled the interior walls with pollyfilla to make them solid. Then... I put it down for about ten years... 

Until this weekend! As I am a bit broke at the moment, I am not having any new lead coming in so I figured I may as well make a dent on the pile of scenery I have had sitting about for a while, including this kit. I dragged it out of storage, brushed off all the dust (there was a lot), resprayed it grey as a primer and started to block in the colours:

It was a simple enough job and it surprised me how quickly I had the basic exterior finished (if only I'd done this ten years ago...). To give you an idea of the size of this kit, here it is with a 15mm Panzer IV.

I painted the ground floor in grey and the upper floor in a yellowish render, then the fittings around the buildings were painted in a sandy colour. So far, so good.

Then I turned to the interior, I block painted the walls of the rooms, the door frames and floor. I wasn't so bothered about being neat as the building will be weathered later anyway.

There's more to come with this building, so stay tuned for more updates later! Just in time for the 74th anniversary of the German surrender at Stalingrad.

Thanks for reading.

Saturday, 27 January 2018

1/48th Fokker Dr1 WIP Pt.3

There was very little left for me to do with this kit, so I put the finishing touches to the 1/48th Fokker Dr1 last week and without further ado here is the finished kit: 

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

1/48th Fokker Dr1 WIP Pt.2

With work having settled down a little, I was able to crack on with the 1/48th Fokker Triplane that I had begun before Christmas. I moved onto painting what I had done so far and as I am following the colour scheme of Lt Friedrich Kempf, I was still working out how to do the streaked paint effect. First, I painted the plane in Light Blue, followed by a overcoat of thinned down and roughly painted Olive Brown. However, this didn't give me the effect I was after, so I roughly brushed over this with Violet Brown.

That still wasn't perfect, so I took some Yellow Ochre and gave it a very light dry brush to get the desired effect. Pleased with the streaking effect, the next step was to add the fuselage and middle wing decals.

I built the engine, added that and fixed on the top wings. At this point I also built the undercarriage assembly and machine guns.

Then it was a case of painting the top wings as above and adding the big KEMPF decal and other markings.

It had taken a while to get to this point, but the end was now in sight! Keep tuned for further updates and thanks for reading!
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