Sunday, 23 October 2016

A Teeny Tiny Town in Belgium

I have just completed two more urban bases for Blücher, using the remaining buildings that I bought from Brigade Models. In Blucher, one base represents a village, two together, a town and three, a city. So this gives me enough base to make a combination of urban areas. 

The first one has a few houses and shops clustered around a largish cathedral, this will probably be mainly used for cities:

As you can see, I have not gone to town on the detail, literally just painted the buildings and inkwashed them. They are 2mm scale, so look fine from wargaming distance.

The second base also has a church as its central aspect, as most towns and villages do. Cities usually have multiple places of worship, so this works as well when all the bases are together.

The walls and fences around the houses were made with cut up coffee stirrers that I took from various cafes. I also added clump foliage to represent trees and bushes.

And here is the city, three bases put together to form a large urban spread.

As Blücher is abstract anyway, the 2mm houses should work well with the 6mm figures! But that is for another day, so thanks for reading!

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Freeze Punk!

Here are another few figures from my Derby World Wargames haul, all for the Judge Dredd project again.I am not sure of the manufacturers, but if any readers knows where these figures came from, please let me know!

First up is a yellow-jump-suited vigilante; Captain Vengeance. A mild mannered estate agent by day, a crazed perp hunter by night!

I decided on a yellow colour as it matched the comicy feel that I have been trying to achieve with this project. The jump suit doesn't leave much to the imagination.

Speaking of which, neither does the little red number that this femme fatale is wearing. She's probably escaping from some high-society heist:

I don't fancy here chances of escaping the law in those heels, but the two handguns should see her way out of trouble...

And finally for this batch is a dirty pro-democracy activist.

Always out on a protest of some sort, these types are the bugbear of the Justice Department. This figures seems to have been part of a motorcycle gang and is armed with only knuckledusters, but he makes a good democrat.

That's three more figures down and a small dint in the pile!

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Yie Ar Kung-Fu!

I started painting the batch of second-hand figures that I bought at Derby World Wargames the other week,all 28mm and for the current Judge Dredd project. 

The first one is a TV reporter for Channel 38, wearing what looks to me like a camera helmet:

I am not sure what sci-fi setting the figure is originally from, but he will be useful for getting in the Judge's way whilst trying to get a scoop!

Next up is Stan Lee (AKA Death Fist), the best martial artist to come out of the Radlands of Ji.

This figure is different to the Stan Lee of 2000AD, but is good enough for me!

And finally from this batch is a street punk armed with a spit pistol and dagger.

A vicious thug who will cause problems for the Judges wherever he goes!

And you may have noticed the addition of litter to the bases of the figures, I added more litter to the figures I had already finished and here is the Ape Liberation Front now completed:

There are a lot more figures to come from the batch, so keep checking back over the next few weeks and months as I whittle the pile down. 

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Busy Little Market Town

You may remember that back at Joy of Six 2016, I bought a bunch of 2mm houses from Brigade to make up some scenery for Blücher. Well, with the house move and various other issues, I was unable to work on the scenery tile for a while. That was until recently, when I sat down and finished it off.

The garden walls and fences were made with trimmed down coffee stirrers, found in any fast-food restaurant. I added flock as trees and shrubbery to help break up the buildings and am quite pleased with the outcome of this first urban tile. Here they are next to a brigade of 6mm French soldiers on Blücher sized bases to give you an idea of the scale.

The urban tiles in Blücher are supposed to be slightly bigger then a base width, so this is about three and a half inches square, enough to fit a base comfortably on during a game as a garrison. Only one brigade may garrison an urban tile, so this works perfectly for game needs.

Also, the 2mm size of the houses doesn't jar too much with the 6mm figures, so I will make more of these to be able to make villages, towns and cities for Blücher games. The small size of the houses allows for more realistic looking urban areas rather than the 6mm sized ones I was using previously, which only fitted a couple of houses on the tile and looked crammed.

(And Kudos for correctly identifying where the title of this post comes from...)

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Derby World Wargames 2016

Dean, Ninjasuarus and myself have just come back from Derby World Wargames at Castle Donnington. Hosted by Warlord Games, KR Multicases and the Derby Wargames Associates, it was held in a massive hall at the famous racing track. None of us had been before and we were blown away by the sheer size of the event and amount of traders there. as we are regulars at Triples, I was half expecting the Sunday afternoon to be a bit quiet as it usually is at Triples these days. But I couldn't be more wrong! The place was heaving when we arrived and still was when we left at about half past two. A total contrast the to Sunday afternoon ghost town that Triples is...

I had my camera and took a bunch of photos of the demo and participation games that were on display. I am sure I missed a few, but this picture dump gives you a good idea of the games on offer. I can't remember what everything was, so they are not labelled.

And my swag. I did go intending not to buy anything, but I came away with a miscast trench section from Early War Miniatures for £2, a Judge Giant figure from Foundry, two SU-100s and three SU-152s from Zvezda and 21 second-hand 28mm figures that will do as street punks for Judge Dredd!

It was a great day out and definitely one to put in the diary for next year! Well worth the hour's drive that it took to get there.

Sunday, 25 September 2016

6mm French 8lbers

So, stepping away from the 28mm Judge Dredd project for a moment, I rewound to the 6mm Napoleonic project. From giants to midgets. 

I have not painted any 6mm figures sice before we moved house, so to ease myself back into the small stuff, I painted some French artillery as attached tokens. I had done these with the British and Brunswicks, but not for the French yet. They are 8lbers from Baccus:

Each is mounted on their own square MDF base.

So when they are in use in a game they will rest on the back of the Brigade bases to show that the unit has extra firepower.

I am considering making an artillery base that has square cut-outs to place these pieces in to make a battery, but that is something I have yet to tackle. It may not look as good as I think it will in my mind...

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

100 Years of the Tank

On Sunday, Ninjasaurus Rex called over for a game of Judge Dredd, or so he thought. I told him that's what we would be playing, however, given that the 15th of September was the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Flers-Courcelette and the first use of tanks in warfare, this was a perfect opportunity to try out the tank rules for The Great War board game, something we had not done yet. Obviously the scenario we were playing was the Battle of Flers-Courcelette, one of the scenarios in the rule book. This game was carried out 100 years and three days after the actual battle.

I took the attacking British, the infantry were helped by three Mark Is; two Female, one Male and he took the defending Germans, some of whom were based in concrete bunkers. This was going to be one hard nut to crack.

After rolling for the no-man's-land cratering my tanks set off with some infantry support behind them. So far, so good, none bogged down as they plodded their way to the German lines.

The middle Male tank waddled over the barbed wire and attacked a group of Germans cowering in some shell craters. The defence was soon smashed and the tank rumbled on to over run their position.

On the right flank a group of German bombers were similarly dealt with and the tank straddled the German front line. They seemed to be invincible at this point!

Meanwhile in the centre, getting the Germans out of the block houses was proving difficult as artillery fell around the two tanks, both now bogged down and vulnerable to attack!

All three tanks had bogged down at this stage and my infantry had barely left their trenches. The command cards I was pulling were not good enough to get a general advance going, so everything seemed to be stuck!

I was able to unbog one tank on the right flank and with the help from some of the infantry that I had managed to push forward the advance continued!

Keeping up the pressure on the right the German defenders faced a combined force of tanks and bombers!

Then on the left flank the other two tanks freed themselves from the mud and poured fire into the bunkers, with the destruction of a machine gun and infantry unit I had the six victory points I needed to win!

This is how it looked on the final turn of the game. This had been a particularity tough fight despite the tank's great start. My infantry had hardly moved and those that did were battered by the German defence.

Had the game gone on for one more turn, then victory would have been handed to the Germans. They were on five points at this stage and just needed to destroy another British unit to win and they were facing a couple of badly damaged units. Fortunately for me, they were not allowed this opportunity!

The tank rules were slightly complex and took a bit of reading to work out properly, the one thing missing from The Great War is a good play sheet and we were looking through the rule book a bit too much. Maybe it was the first game using tanks, we'll see when we use them again! They seemed pretty tough to kill, having to score a hit on them and then effectively having to roll a six to cause one point of damage from a total of two. Once this was realised, Ninjasaurus stayed well away from attacking the tanks and concentrated his fire on my soldiers instead. However, they didn't seem to over balance the game too much as it was a close result.

In other news, Plastic Soldier Company have also started a new Kickstarter, this one is for Quartermaster General: 1914.  If the other QMG games are anything to go by this will be good. I have already put my money down!

And a bit of advertising for me, I am still selling some British WW1 20mm figures on ebay. Take a look HERE. Have a look through my other items as I have few wargaming items and board games on there, like these copies of Miniature Wargames.

Thanks for reading!
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