Friday, 13 October 2017

"'Einkels!" "No they Ain't, They're Messerschmitts!"

I arrived home this evening to find a parcel waiting for me. It's one I've been looking forward to receiving for quite a while now: The Plastic Soldier Company's Battle of Britain board game! This was a Kickstarter that went live over 18 months ago now! I think it was around last April that I backed the project and it has finally been released. I know there have been a few problem with production along the way and I trusted PSC enough to deliver, so I wasn't unduly worried about delivery. As a thank you for the patience, Kickstarter backers have also got a 1/144th scale Zveda ME109F, which will come in very useful for my WW2 games. Also we got a 25% off voucher (I've covered up the discount code ­čśÇ).

Inside we have a lot of material; game counters, two bags each of twelve dice, play aids, rules booklet and two sets of cards. Also is this pretty big playing board.

Also included are a set of stickers for the flight stands, each relating to one of the squadron cards.

"But what about the toys!?" I hear you cry! Well, here are the Germans, ten aircraft including Heinkel HE111s, Messerschmitt BF109s and 110s, Dorniers Do17s and Junkers Ju88s.

And the British, Spitfires and Hurricanes! Twelve in total.

And as an extra bonus for us Kickstarter backers is this set of extra aircraft, a Gloster Gladiator, Blenheim, Bolton-Paul Defiant and a Ju-87 Stuka!

And here are the previously mentioned flight stands in action as a Spit and Huri chase away a 111 from Bristol.  You may have noticed that some of the wings on the aircraft are slightly bent, this must be from transportation, but it's nothing that a bit of warm water won't fix as the plastic is pretty soft.

So, initially it all looks good, but I haven't had a chance to read the rules yet and a game rests on it's rules! However, Richard Borg has written some good rules in the past (Memoir '44/The Great War for instance) so I expect good things with this one as well. On a minor note, I don't like the colour of the plastic aircraft, but that will be easily fixed with lick of paint. Being that they are 1/300th scale it won't take very long to get them looking good!

I don't know if this is live on the PSC webstore yet, but they will be releasing it pretty soon I believe.

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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Rommel Supply Tokens

I have got back on painting track since coming back from Vienna and completed a couple of supply tokens ready for Rommel. They are simply a pile of crates and oil drums, but are used in the game to decide who is in supply and who isn't. Also units can become isolated if they can't draw a line back to their supply.

They are made up of crates and rums from Skytrex, some spare stowage that I had lying around. One set of drums are painted in Olive Drab (for the Allies) and the other German Grey (for, you guessed it... the Germans), not that you can really tell at this scale...

I added a bit of static grass and some tufts to the base and they were done. 

in other news, whilst I was in Vienna I found this second hand book of Chris Foss's paintings. If you grew up in the Seventies with science-fiction books then you'll know his spaceship paintings.

I couldn't walk past this book as only a couple of weeks previously Ninjasaurus and I were talking about Foss's spaceships, so I bought it as a present from Austria for him. What I never knew was that Foss also painted a lot of Second World War pictures. And bloody good they are too, I urge you to Google them if you haven't seen them before!

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Sunday, 8 October 2017

Derby Worlds 2017

Yesterday, 7th October 2017, was the first day of the two day Derby Worlds wargaming show and I drove down to Leicestershire with Ninjasaurus Rex and Dean to attend for the day. The venue had moved from last year, which meant a longer drive for us, but only about twenty minutes more. 

The new venue is on an old proving ground at Brunington and was hosted in a hanger. The new space is smaller than last years, but still managed to pack tons in. I took photos of lots of the games, but I also missed quite a few, so I am sorry if your game doesn't appear here (or I get mixed up with what was what)!

The League of Extraordinary Kreigespielers - Back of beyond 28mm

York Wargames Society - ACW Gettysburg Bufford's Stand

KB Club - WW2/Cold War "What If?" Scenario

Second Thunder - Open Combat

The Boondock Sayntes - Last of the Mohecans

Like a Stone Wall Wargames Club - Madenu

The War and Conquest Society - Dark Ages

The War and Conquest Society - Ancients

Derby Wargames Society - The Battle of Port Arthur

Yarkshire/Leeds Wargames Club - Battle of Jutland

I wasn't sure what this one was, Bolt Action WW2/what if scenario?

Baccus - The Battle of Manchester

Leicester Phatt Cats - Blood and Plunder

I don't remember the name of this dragon heavy game, perhaps it was Mathew Clarke's Magic Realm?

Westbury Wargamers - First Day at Gettysburg

Stand To Games - 28mm Napoleonic Skirmish Game (I think!)

My favourite of the day; Border Rievers - The Battle of Quatre Bras

Massed French infantry assaults at Quatre Bras

There's nothing like a good massive 28mm Napoleonic game!

The Ilkley Lads - Cerignola 1503

Cheshire and Staffordshire Wargamers - 28mm Ancients Chinese Vs Khmer

Yorkshire Renegades - Nazi Zombies (I think...)

And my stash? I didn't buy too much, having just come back from Vienna, but I did get two Maus, one to use myself and one to make and sell, seven more figures for Judge Dredd from  a rummage box, an Ape biker, also for Judge Dredd and the one thing I went for a set of Baccus French Cassions.

We ended up staying a lot longer than I was expecting, also, I met with some friends and made some new ones, so all in all it was a good day!

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Flory Washes on a T-26 and couple of Flakt├╝rme

I have neglected this blog for the last week or so, as I have been in Vienna over the weekend, visiting my wife (she has moved there for a year for a new job, it's a long story...). But before I left, I bought myself some Flory washes for weathering. I've been wanting to experiment more with weathering on bigger models and these had come recommended by a mate who makes some amazing models. The washes are clay based and easily wiped off even when dry, so that some residue remains in the details on the model. Click the link above to see some good tutorial videos about using these. As a test, I thought I'd try them out on a Zvezda T-26 that I had knocking about.

I like the look, even if the tank is a wee bit too small to see the full effect. The washes got right into the details and look very grimy. I also used the Flory rust wash on the exhaust and tracks.Again, it may be slightly too small to get the full effect, but I am quite happy with it.

I then tried the washes out on a larger model, a First World War Mark IV that I was given for my birthday by a mate. I have yet to actually finish this kit off fully, as I have been waiting to sort out what I am doing with the weathering. I tried out the Flory washes on the rear panels and you can see the results below. I am quite happy with the results again!

As I mentioned, I went to Vienna to see Clare. Whilst I was there I got a chance to see two of the surviving World War Two Flakt├╝rme. She lives literally two minutes walk from these two massive concrete structures in the Augarten. Here's a few photos of them.

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Black Orc Down: Blood Bowl and Blucher AARs

Last Tuesday Grandfather_Nurgle called over to my house for a day of games. We'd not seen one another for a couple of years, so it was good to catch up and actually play a couple of games together. 

The first game we played was 3rd Edition Blood Bowl. I've been a long time fan of 2nd Edition BB, but have never tried the later version (which has a good press). As we wanted to play as many games as possible we played 'Sevens', a Sunday League version of the game with only seven players per side and a smaller pitch. This would give me a chance to get used to the rules and still fit in a bigger game of Bl├╝cher later. So, I took my Gouged Eye orcs and he used some Human figures he'd picked up off EBay (but had not yet got around to repainting (he paid me to say that...)).

I won the toss and got the ball, I sent my Blitzers and the Black Orc down the centre looking for a weak point in his defence line.

Then the humans took their turn, stepping up to block my mid-field, whilst ganging up on a poor lineman on the wings.

A bit of brawling and argy-bargy in the centre saw the human line weaken slightly, so I switched my attack to the right wing.

Then both of my Blitzers went down!

And then, disaster; Black Orc Down!

Exploiting my players sprawled across the pitch he made a run for the ball, but was just short of plucking it up.

I took the advantage, my thrower grabbed the ball and lined up a chuck with one of my blitzers.

One was jumped on by two humans, but I still had another Blitzer waiting in the wings, he snatched the ball and sprinted for the endzone! Touchdown!

The Orcs scored on their last turn of the first half and I enjoyed the game thoroughly. 3rd Edition is a lot quicker and I like the switch over rule, in that if you make a mistake, the turn switches to your opponent. It really speeds up the play. I'd like to try a bigger sized game and see how that holds up.

However, by that time, Ninjasaurus Rex has also turned up and we moved onto a game of Bl├╝cher. We used the same forces as last time, ie three Corps each, and I took the British defence lining a ridge. As it was Grandfather Nurgle's first game he and Ninjasurus teamed up as the French attackers. Their task was to capture two of three objectives to win, I had to stop them from doing this for a British victory.

The opening moves saw the French wings begin their slow march across the field.

Then the Imperial Guard revealed themselves in the centre and the mass of men, horses and cannons began their advance.

This allowed me to reveal a foot artillery battery on a hill and start taking shots at their Lancers.

I held back from revealing more of my units, which worked as I could hear them chuntering about where my other artillery battery was (I didn't have one, I'd split it up as attached artillery, but a bit of poor enemy intelligence always helps!).

Suddenly, they released their Red Lancers, bearing down on the British artillery! This automatically revealed a lot of my units as the cavalry came within 4 base widths of them.

Similarly on my left flank the French infantry had advanced so far forward they could see the British units on the ridge line.

The inevitable result of cavalry charging artillery was the artillery fell back, but as my back line was crowded there was nowhere for them to go, except retire off table!

Meanwhile on the left the British defence line was exchanging shots with the advancing French.

With the artillery gone in the centre (I did forget to take photos of the previous few turns... oops...) the French cavalry was having a field day smashing into my Dutch conscripts.

The Lancer and Grenadiers a Cheval made a formidable combination against the British troops holding the objective on the middle hills. Forcing the infantry off the objective the Cavalry captured it in quick time.

On the left the French infantry had mauled the British Guards so heavily that their defence crumbled and they were also forced off the second objective!

It was all over and was a very quick victory by the French. In lessons learned, I should have really advanced some of my forces to absorb the advancing threat, having everything bunched up on the back line meant that as soon as a brigade was pushed back from combat they retired off the table as there was no where else for them to go! Maybe capturing one or two of the small houses in the centre of the table would have given the French a strongpoint to have to deal with.

All in all though another good game of Bl├╝cher and a good gaming day all around!

Thanks for reading!
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