Sunday, 29 September 2013

With Our Backs to the Wall

Since the start of August I have been unable to play any games as I was finishing off my MA dissertation. It's all changed now and I am able to get back to playing, so Ninjasaurus Rex came over for our first game in ages. I decided I wanted to try out Square Bashing 2nd Edition again, even after a disappointing first game of it back in April, but I'd also finished the casualty half bases and wanted to try them out to see if they improved the game any.

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Roland CII Wip Pt.2

This model Roland CII is progressing at a nice rate and is a pleasurable build, but that may be something to do with not having the nagging feeling of not writing enough about chemical warfare hanging over me any more...

To get up to speed, have a look at part one of this build HERE, meanwhile back on the work bench, the rest of the bits in the cockpits went together pretty easily even with the amount of tiny pieces that are in them. Here is the left hand side of the fuselage showing the tiny handles and what I believe to be the camera.

However, the right hand side is a whole lot busier! The amount of detail in this kit is excellent and it really was worth every penny, demonstrated here, where you can see the engine, pilot's cockpit, observer's cockpit and all the other little bits and pieces packed in there!

A couple of close ups of the detailed interior.

I particularly like the photo-etched seatbelts, they really add a lovely level of detail.

Well, most of that detail will not be seen when the fuselage is joined together, but it was enjoyable to add it all the interior. Plus I would have had a nagging feeling if I'd missed anything out... So I glued the two halves of the fuselage together and wrapped her up like a Mummy, all ready for bed.

I had a bit of trouble with the amount of stuff in the interior stopping the two sides going together flush, but a few cuts with the knife on some of the parts and it went together nice and snug. After leaving it overnight to dry the next step was to add the top part of the engine and glue the wings in place.

It may be the simplicity of the design of the Roland, but all the wings went together really well and there is now very little left to actually build of this kit. This is point I reached before having had a few busy evenings, but I will do some work on this kit over the weekend.

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Take a Dip

I've read a lot in the past few years about the so-called 'Miracle Dip' technique. I have always baulked at the price of the Army Painter dip when it is really just wood varnish with a different label. But I was in town and shopping in Wilkinson the other day when I thought I'd have a go at the old miracle dip technique and picked up a this for less than a fiver:

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Roland CII WIP

Last Christmas, I gave you my heart, the very next day you gave me a 1/48th scale Roland CII by Eduard.

It's taken me nine months to make a start on this kit, but I have grabbed a few moments here and there recently to get it moving along. Like my Eduard Pfalz DIII it's a lovely kit, it comes with plenty of pre-painted photo-etched metal parts which make it an interesting build. Here is the engine pre-weathered:

The two dials on this control panel are from the photo-etched parts, showing how detailed they are (even though they will never be seen...). This just needs a couple of extra bits adding to finish it off:

Also, the cockpit interior is a long way off finishing, but I've made a start. The kit provides masks for the clear plastic parts to make painting easier, you can see them on the windows. Plus it will protect them when I varnish the interior, as clear plastic always mists up when the varnish dries.

Here is the cockpit with the rear observer's cockpit in place (but not fully painted...):

The dashboard is a great example of the photo-etched parts in this kit. This is not fully complete and has a few dials and handles to add. I am leaving them off for the moment as I don't want to damage them until the dashboard is ready to be put into the cockpit.

As I have now submitted my MA dissertation I am able to crack on with this build, so check back for updates soon. Speaking of which, I shall also be celebrating finishing a two year course on the First World War by reading something about the Second World War:

I was advised to buy this book as I am putting together some figures for a Singapore/Malaya campaign in Rapid Fire. I'm looking forward to starting it! Thanks for reading!

Saturday, 21 September 2013

100th post and some Russian Zis3 A/T Guns

Welcome to my 100th blog post, wow, how time flies! Anyhow, I told a lie in a recent post, saying that the KV-2s were the last of my Triples Stash, it turns out I was wrong and I still had these 15mm Plastic Soldier Company ZiS-3 A/T guns to finish off! So, I did. Here they are on the workbench:

And in a defensive position guarding a road:

As with all PSC products they were a pleasure to build and paint, my only gripe being the that the figures are a bit flat and typical in their poses.

There always seems to be a commander pointing with field glasses...

But overall, they are a great set, I wanted to build the A/T gun version, but the box allows for the ZiS-2 field gun version as well, I'll probably pick up another set in the future for that purpose.

I hope you like them and thanks for looking!

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

I've Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts

As part of my ongoing Singapore/Malaya campaign build I realised I needed some appropriate scenery. I have lots of trees for the European theatres, but wanted something a bit more typical of South East Asia.

Saturday, 14 September 2013

1/35th Scale Panzerjager I

A 1/35th scale Panzerjager I, by Dragon. This was bought for me as a present a few years ago and was completed back then. It was the first 1/35th scale tank I had built for nearly twenty years at that time. Since then I have made a few more, but this was the first large tank in ages.

It was made straight out of the box and I added some stowage from a few old Tamiya kits I had from my childhood. Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

1/48th A-10 Warthog

This was built as a birthday present for a friend a couple of years ago. It's a 1/48th scale A-10 Warthog, which I think are my favourite post 1945 aircraft. Unfortunately I can't remember who this kit is manufactured by.

After I'd built the beast, I realised that the rear part of the aircraft was too heavy and it kept tipping backwards as the weight I'd added to the nose wasn't enough. To counter this problem I cut out a sheet of plasticard and painted it as a runway to help stabilise the plane. Also the strange look of the glass came about because I spray varnished the kit after I'd put the glass in place and it all ended up frosted. It's a shame really cos I'd spent a bit of time painting the cockpit nicely...

It did seem to be an endless kit, not only all the weaponry, but then all the tiny decals had to be added which seemed to never end. I think I'll stick to World War One planes...

Still, I was pleased how it turned out and I think it still sits proudly on my mate's shelf (unless he's binned it...)

Thanks for looking!

I am also selling a copy of Wings for the Baron, over on EBay:


It's the original version of the game, I am led to believe, but is complete.

Saturday, 7 September 2013

1/14th Punjab Battalion for Malaya

This week I managed to finish off my version of the 1/14th Punjab Battalion from the A. Michael Sayce Malaya Campaign source book. I snatched a few hours here and there to get these lads finished, I don't think they are the best figures I've ever produced, but hey ho.

The battalion is painted and organised along the same lines as my other British Forces in Malaya, namely:

HQ = CO + 6 figs (1 x Boys A/T rifle, 1 x 2" mortar)
3 x Infantry Companies, each with 8 figures (1 x SMG, 6 x rifles 1 x Bren)

They are from the Peter Pig 8th Army range with a few modifications. As the PP Indian figure packs are few in number one has to take the clippers to some of the other 8th Army figures. The Boys A/T Rifle man, 2" mortar crew and CO figure all lost their heads, to be replaced by ones with turbans from PP's heads range.

After I'd had the figures delivered I was looking through my Osprey Indian Army book only to find that the Turbans seem to be wrong on these figures. It appears that the typical turban in the Far East was of the pointed style, as rather charmingly modelled by this chap here:

It's a minor discrepancy and as long as no one tells Ninjasaurus Rex, so he can't mock me for historical inaccuracy, it'll be alright...

This project is coming along nicely, but I will need at least two more Japanese battalions and a third British battalion plus their support weapons to play a decent game, so it's a wee while off at the moment.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Don Featherstone RIP

I have just learned that the grandfather of wargaming, Don Featherstone died yesterday. I never met the man, but I certainly knew his work. His books in the local library were the first introduction to wargaming for me and I still have some of his works on my shelves now. I was recently given a copy of his Battlefield Walker's Guidebook for my birthday. Whether you use his rules or not his style of writing was brilliant, everything explained was in detail and the reasons for certain rules explained clearly and rationally. I particularly like the Down at the Wargames Club sections in his Complete Wargaming.

Donald Featherstone 1918-2013 RIP

Monday, 2 September 2013

Soviet Armoured Car Battalion

Whilst sorting out my figures into a more usable way of storing them, I came across this unit I'd forgotten I'd got, a Soviet Armoured Car Battalion from between 1942-5. I can't remember who these vehicles are manufactured by, but I think it may be a mix of Battlefront and Command Decision.

The unit consists of:

1 x HQ unit of 1 x BA64
2 x Armoured Car companies (each 2 x BA10):

One company of BA10:

HQ unit of one BA64:

It always pays to have a sort out once in a while... Thanks for looking!