Thursday, 30 May 2013

Zvezda Flammpanzer III

At the same time that I bought the Zvezda T34s from this previous post, I also bought two 1/100th Flammpanzer III (which don't seem to exist on the Art of Tactic Website...). They are the first flamethrower tanks that I have built, (not that they were any different from any other tanks I've ever built...) and they add a little flavour to my mid-war German collection. Again these are lovely little models, clean lines and easily built:

I painted them in a break from some light reading about chemical warfare:

It's easier to find ways to procrastinate about writing a dissertation than actually writing the bloody thing...

PS, I am also selling the Viking army that was featured in one of the early posts on this blog. They are up for sale on EBay: HERE. I also have a few other wargming and modelling items for sale, so be sure to check out my other items for sale.

PPS, I am thinking of starting a Wings of Glory campaign with a difference. It would involve three players, myself as the umpire/Germans and two British players. I was thinking along these lines, the two British players would compete against one another to see who could score the most points as a scout squadron. They would be given a squadron list of pilots and aircraft, probably twelve each, of which they could use up to three in each mission. Obviously injuries or death would affect who they could use, along with new recruits each game week or so.

The players would choose which missions from a list they would like their pilots to perform, such as patrols, escort duty, balloon bursting, etc. Each mission would have a set score if completed, plus a score for every German machine destroyed. The German forces would be randomised depending on the mission chosen by the player and controlled on the board by the umpire.

I guess it wouldn't take much to set up and can be an ongoing thing that can be played at any time the players are free, so wouldn't involve organising a time when everyone was free and would only be an evening's gaming as WoW/G is easy to set up and finish within a couple of hours. It's just to add a bit of  interest to the game and reduce the fight to the death syndrome which most games seem to involve! Any suggestions in the comments, please!

Monday, 27 May 2013

Soviet Hammer

Even though I'd already had a game day with Dean on Saturday, Ninjasaurus Rex turned up for a game on Sunday. I'll never get my dissertation written at this rate... We decided on a game of Rapid Fire! and I thought of the Germans attacking a Russian held position would give me the chance to use some of the early war vehicles I have been working on for a while. I just pulled together what I thought would make an interesting mix:

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Wings of Glory AAR or Superman Kempf

Dean dropped off some models for me this afternoon and while he was over I asked if he wanted to play Wings of Glory. He'd never played it before and we've never actually played a game together before, so two firsts. The first game was a one on one match to introduce him to the game, which I won. We then decided to up the ante and use three against three. I took two Sopwith Camels (Barker and Elwood) and a RE8 Harry Tate (Longton and Carson) against a Fokker Dr1 (Kempf) and Two Albatross DVa (Udet and Weber). I set my planes up in the centre of board with the Germans having the jump on them and the objective of having to destroy the Harry Tate:

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Zvezda T34/76 Model 40

These T34s have been hanging around for a few weeks but they went on the back boiler whilst I completed the German Town Hall project. With a few brush strokes, a spot or two of glue, stowage and some decals and they are now finished. They are Zvezda's T34/76 Model 1940 in 15mm, Zvezda seem obsessed with early war vehicles, which is not a problem; but I'm waiting patiently for later war releases. Anyway, enough griping from me, here are the photos:

I stand by the belief that one can never own too many T34s...

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Triples 2013

This post is a bit late, but it was the annual Triples nerdfest here in Sheffield at the weekend. I attend Triples most years as it is local and I like to see the demonstration games; of which there was a lot, but not so many participation games. This is a source of disappointment for me, as I remember when I was a youth spending the two days of the Triples weekend playing game after game. This seems to have changed over the years with less chance to actually play being a recurring theme. I am not so interested in playing myself, but the amount of young lad (and lasses) that attend would benefit greatly from playing a participation game to see how much fun this hobby can be (and maybe learn something...). I know that a lot of it comes down to clubs and individuals not putting on participation games, but I think to encourage it, Sheffield Wargames Society should have a few participation games themselves at each Triples. Anyway, that's my twopenneth, if you agree or disagree let me know in the comments below.

Here are a bunch of photos that I took as I walked around, I don't remember what was what as I was recovering from watching the Eurovision song contest the night before...

Some radio controlled tank action! I'm not sure what was happening here, but it looked like good fun!

This was a big colonial game with some rather nice bits and pieces on a massive table. I'm not sure of the rules/scale/battle. Sorry...

The usual Triples punter...

As was this man. A gurning McGurk in his khaki underpants showing off his Pickelhaube.

This looked good, a 1950s War of the Worlds game.

This demo of the Bolt Action rules was slightly marred for me by the inclusion of the Maus tank seen at the top of the picture.

The rather stylish punter from before was later seen to be hanging around this Mad Max game.

A wargaming show wouldn't be a wargaming show without a massive Napoleonic game.

My favourite game of the day, a rewrite of H.G. Wells' Little Wars. A brightly coloured game with suitably attired gamers and donations to the British Legion.

The obligatory nudey lady.

Back to my confusion. I have no idea of the game being played or the period, but it looked 16/17/18th century and had an amazing pike block in the centre.

This was a participation game, a large scale DBA type-affair based on the Battle of Bosworth, with good king Dick resplendent.

Not a game, but an excellent modular set of First World War trenches (even though the dug outs were facing the wrong way...)

Another 'old school' game based on Don Featherstone's rules using brightly painted homecast Prince August figures. It's not often you see casualties knocked onto their sides...

A sci-fi naval game, it's nice to see a blue board amongst all the green.

And finally a picture of McGurk wishing he was lurking in Robert Graves' funk hole.

And what did I buy? Far more than I expected to:

A good day out, finished it in the pub talking about war and stuff like that. Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

German Town Hall Pt.4

This is the final part of the build, you can read the previous parts here: PART ONE, PART TWO and PART THREE.

Now the majority of the model is finished I started the painting phase. I began with an undercoat of black, I always use black, that way it covers anything I miss... Then I had a look around on the internet for colours of town halls.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

German Town Hall Pt.3

Welcome to part three of this ongoing German town hall build. You can catch up here with PART ONE and PART TWO. In the last part I'd got most of the interior built so now it was time to turn to the roof. I wanted to make the building seem as though it had involved in action, maybe a heavy weapon positioned in an upper room that had been taken out by some heavy artillery. So I figured this would be on the front of the building and cut out a corner of the roof and cleaned it up with a file.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

StuG Life

In a break from the German Town Hall build here is a short post for my short barrelled StuG III Battalion (1941-2). Based on the Rapid Fire! Eastern Front lists, this consists of three companies each of two StuG III B, with a SdKfz 253 observation vehicle that also doubles as the HQ for the unit.

The StuGs are from Zvezda, the 253 from Battlefront and all stowage from various manufacturers.

Thanks for looking!