Sunday, 28 May 2017

More Dirty Perps for Mega-City 1

The last four figures of the Derby Show batch are complete, another bunch of Judge Dredd perps and citizens. The first up is this tall mutie or alien in a spacesuit and carrying a massive cannon.

I thought the armour looked a little like the Stormtrooper armour from Star Wars, so I used that as inspiration for the paint job. I tried to make it look a little more battered though, with paint chips and muck.

The next figure is this female mutie, or someone who's been in the ugly clinics. She looks like someone from Mad Max.

I'm not massively keen on going down the mutie route in my Judge Dredd games, I think using the Cursed Earth as a setting is a bit of a cop out and would prefer to set scenarios in the city rather than a desert. However, she could be from a mutie gang that has broken into the city.

The next guy is a cyborg gang member, looking pretty mean with a scatter gun.

Who knows what has happened to his legs, but I don't want to ask him to find out...

And the final figure is a female cyborg. When I got this figure she was holding a plastic gun, a basic conversion by the former owner. I wanted some unarmed citizens, so I cut the gun off and tried to clean up the hack job...

It seems to work and she's another addition to the growing citizenry of the Mega-City.

These are the last figures that I bought from Derby, but I also have some more figures I bought in the Warlord Games sale, so keep checking back to see those painted soon!

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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Mega-City 1's Dirty Denizens

In a hiatus with the 100 Days Campaign painting project whilst I wait for Baccus to send through my next batch of figures, I turned back to the Judge Dredd figures that I had picked up at the Derby show in October of last year. These had been sitting on my painting desk looking at me since then, so I bit the bullet and began... With this fella, a Heavy Metal Mutha armed with a pistol:

As I picked these up from a bargain bin, I am not sure who makes them (answers in the comments, if you know, please!). I like the pose and the guitar on this figure.

Next up is a female with a pistol, maybe a gang member or an assassin.

She looks like she has stepped directly out of the TV shows Dynasty or Dallas, an eighties throwback.

The next figure was a large ugly thug.

Possibly a mutie or someone who's been to the ugly clinic, either way, he's a pretty tough looking fella.

Another woman was the next figure, carrying a large pistol or stub gun.

I gave her bright blue hair, it looks futuristic.

And finally a chap in what looks like a space suit.

He looks a bit like a James Bond henchman.

I've nearly finished this batch of figures, chipping away at them is paying off and there are only a few of the Derby figures left.

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Saturday, 20 May 2017

Another British Foot Artillery Battery in 6mm

When I bought the figures for the Allied II Corps, I also bought the artillery support. I was going to make them into individual attached artillery bases, but realised I could make two batteries instead with the amount that I had. So I did and this is the second one.

Like the previous one, this battery is made up of 4 x 6lbers and 2 x 5.5" howitzers.

Baccus supply four figures for each gun in their packs, but I had plenty of left over figures from the attached artillery that I had made in the past. These extras were added to the battery bases to flesh them out.

So, my total of 6mm figures painted is now: 2,854

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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

I Like Small Guns and I Cannot Lie...

I added a British artillery battery to my Anglo-Allied units for the 100 Days Campaign. This is composed of 6 guns, 2 x 5.5" Howitzers and 4 x 6lbers.

In Blücher the artillery are either added to brigades or grouped in batteries like this. This also gives me a chance to make a nice vignette for gaming purposes.

The Corps flag is left blank so it can be added to any of the existing units by marking it with a dry wipe pen.

Total 6mm Figure count: 2823

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Saturday, 13 May 2017

Hanoverian Cavalry and II Corps

So the final unit for II Corps is finished! And it is the Hanoverian Cavalry brigade, which was composed of the Bremen-Verden (Hannoverian) Hussar Regiment, the Regent (Hannoverian) Hussar Regiment and the Herzog von Cumberland (Hannoverian) Hussar Regiment.

These three units were made up of various British cavalry figures, as the uniforms were similar and at this scale it's hard to tell the difference... Sue me.

This was a nice and colourful unit to paint, with lot's of red, blue and green!

Along with other units from II Corps, only Cumberland's regiment were present at Waterloo, the rest of the brigade was stationed at Halle and had no part in the battle.

With this unit completed, so is II Corps! (about bloody time, I hear you say...) and here is the full Corps in all their glory. Rather than waffling on any longer, I'll let the pictures do the talking:

As I finished the corps, I decided to have a count up of how many 6mm figures I have painted so far; the total stands at 2,793!

Breaking this down, here are the totals:

Allied I Corps: 720
Allied II Corps: 636
Brunswick: 144
Others not included above (command, artillery, etc.) 75
Total: 1575

French I Corps: 543
French II Corps: 608
Others not included above (command, artillery, etc.) 67
Total: 1218

For my own amusement, I will keep a running total for every 6mm unit I paint from now on!

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Ripley, she doesn't have bad dreams because she's a doll. Aliens AAR

On Saturday, Ninjasaurus Rex and I met up for a game at his place. We were playing his re-jigged version of Space Hulk, that goes back to the original inspiration of the Aliens film. Using colonial Marines versus genestealers, and here is a photo essay of the game.

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Dutch (Indonesian) Brigade in 6mm

The last is always the biggest. The final brigade base for II Corps is the (Dutch) Indonesian Brigade. This was commanded by Lt-Gen Anthing and comprised of the 10th and 11th (Dutch) West Indian Jagers, 1st Flank Battalion and two battalions of the 5th (Dutch) Colonial Regiments.

This means that the unit is Overstrength and has five battalions. Having the Jagers also allowed me to add a splash of green in the unit.

Unlike most of the other Dutch units, this one also has skirmishers, so although the Elan is quite low at 5 it has quite a punch.

Like other units of II Corps, the Indonesian Brigade was stationed out at Halle on Wellington's right flank and took no part in either Quatre-Bras or Waterloo.

This is the final infantry brigade for II Corps, I have only one brigade of cavalry left to finish before the full Corps is finished!

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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

2nd Brigade, 1st Netherland Division in 6mm

The penultimate infantry unit for the Allied II Corps is the 2nd brigade of the 1 Netherlands Division. This was a unit commanded by Generaal-Majoor Dominique Johann de Eerens. These are more blue-jacketed Dutchmen wearing the uniforms of their former French allies.

In Blücher terms this is an Overstrength brigade, hence the five battalions, 18th Light Battalion, 1st Line Battalion, 1st National Militia Battalion, 2nd National Militia Battalion and 18th National Militia Battalion.

The 18th light battalion were added as a reason to break up the blue with a unit of green! One of the best things about painting the Anglo-Allied armies is the real mix of uniforms.

As with the 1st Brigade of the Netherland Division this unit is made up largely of militia, so they have a low Elan of 5. However, their overstrength status will give them a bit of punch in the fight.

Now there is only one infantry unit of II Corps left to paint, then one Cavalry unit, so I am almost done! Then what next? Only time will tell...

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