Saturday, 25 February 2017

Square Bashing Board

A while ago, I made a couple of boards to give myself some new gaming boards. It was a very simple and relatively cheap process, but I had originally started the project with the idea of making a Square Bashing specific board. One reason I don't play as much SB as I'd like is because the bard takes such a long time to set up with using thread and pins. So creating a specific bard for the game reduces that time. 

So, with this in mind, I prepped the underside of one of the boards I had already finished and painted it brown. Next task was to mask off the squares used in SB, these are six inch and I used masking tape strips to cover the board:

Then it was simply a task of flocking the entire board, this was done by painting PVA over the surface and sprinkling the flock over that. After leaving it all to dry over night I then knocked off as much flock as I could, then finally hoovered the rest off.

The final stage was to pull off the masking tape and Hey-Presto! a board marked out with six inch squares. I spent a bit of time repairing areas that had been pulled off with the masking tape and other odds and sods, but it looks OK to me.

I am not sure whether to leave the lines as they are, or get some different coloured flock to line the lines, but that is a consideration for the future. It's perfectly usable as it is and takes no time in setting up a game!

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Sunday, 19 February 2017

Brisfit Means Brisfit WIP Part 4

So the final part of this Bristol Fighter WIP rolls in to view! Toy can read Parts ONE, TWO and THREE by clicking on the words. 

The next task was to add the struts for the upper wing support. This was a fairly easy job and I used the Lego frame I had used in the previous post to get them in the correct position. I also began adding the wing rigging at this point:

Before I went too far with that, I glued the upper wing in place and left the thing to dry.

Then was the painstaking process of attaching the rigging to the struts. This was speeded up with the use of CA accelerator, which I never knew existed. It speeds up the setting time of Super Glue and is a God-send for rigging planes as the EZ Line snaps back without it!

After the rigging was done (there are a few bits I missed out, it was my first time using EZ Line, so I didn't want to over-egg the pudding on the first go...) I added the undercarriage, unfortunately the decals on the wheels didn't stick properly so I had to do without them.

The last stage was adding all the final bits and pieces, like the rear gun carriage, propeller and bomb carriages under the wings. I left the bombs off, as if the plane was back from a mission. The model was then fixed to its base (which had been flocked earlier) and Ta-Da!

All in all a really enjoyable kit, largely because of the ease of use of EZ Line. This stuff has been a revelation for me and I am now thinking of making another British plane, maybe a Camel or SE5a, along with all their rigging! But, that's for the future...

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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

ROBIN 2017

On Sunday, Warlord Games held their first Red On Blue In Nottingham (ROBIN) a new Wargaming show for the Midlands. Dean, Ninjasaurus and myself braved the awful weather to visit. It was good for me, as Dean paid me in and Ninjasaurus bought me lunch for driving them. We were quite surprised by Warlord running the show a week after Varpnartak and in February when everyone was still recovering from Christmas spends. But fortune favours the brave and all that, we were pleasantly surprised to see a good turn out in a large venue, which wasn't full, but wasn't empty either.

Anyway, here is a photo dump of some of the games on show:

I didn't spend too much, just £10 on two Ferdinands and a Sturmtiger by Zvezda and as luck would have it my local charity shop had a copy of Carcassonne and Carcassonne Hunters and Gathers, both for £3!

All in all, ROBIN was excellent for it's first outing. It's a show that has a lot of potential and is in the good location at the Tennis Centre. It's a place that will allow for growth and is reasonably easy to reach (my bad map reading not withstanding). There were a lot of participation games, which is great to see, I'm not too fussed about joining in, but it gets kids interested and involved. Anything that helps other people without grey hair get into this hobby is a good thing. It's certainly one to add to the diary for 2018.

Saturday, 11 February 2017

More Judge Dredd Perps

As I was waiting for the Bristol Fighter to dry in various stages, I tackled a few more Judge Dredd figures, as they had been sitting on my painting desk for several months now. I am still trying to work my way through the figures I bought at Derby and these are the next three. 

The first one is a guy who looks like he's spent too long in one of Otto Sump's Ugly Clinics:

Either that or he is a mutie, but I prefer the idea of him being an ugly...

Next up is a female assassin, dressed all in black:

To me, she has the look of Blanche Tatum about her.

And finally in this batch is a rather dapper member of the Hunter's Club.

The black cloak was tricky to shade, but I did it with a mix of Black and Khaki.

There are still quite a number left to do of the Derby figures, plus the Warlord sale items I picked up, so this theme will run for a while yet!

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Brisfit Means Brisfit WIP Part 3

When I left off in the previous post (click here for Part One and here for Part Two of this Bristol Fighter WIP), I had the fuselage largely done. So I turned my attention to the wings and added all the tiny parts. Both wings were painted roughly (and you may also notice that I put the gun sight on the top of the upper wing by mistake. This was later rectified...).

I also weathered the fuselage and engine. This was done by painting blobs of White onto the surfaces and then smudging them about with water to make the fabric look worn and aged. On top of that I then did the same again but with Green Grey to try and emphasise the struts on the tailplane below the fabric and to dampen the brightness of the white. Finally, I then put a very thin wash of Flat Earth over the plane. The engine was simply washed in Army Painter's Strong Tone. I used this to add oil streaks and other splats on the rest of the plane as well.

I am very pleased with the result of the weathering and it's something I will try to improve on over time. I also decided it was time to begin the thankless task of rigging the plane. I had been dreading this stage as previous planes have never really turned out as I wanted when it's come to the rigging. However, I am a total convert to EZ Line! This stuff is amazing, there was no fuss, no swearing, no melted plastic, just really nice rigging.

It took a while, but I got all the fuselage rigging done, and best of all, it was enjoyable! I have taken a few liberties, I have left off some of the shorter lengths, for now at least. I may go back and add them later on in the build.

The underside was also rigged in good time and with nice results. I am even thinking of going back and re-rigging some of my other 1/48th scale aircraft this stuff is so good!

The next step was to add the lower wings to the fuselage ready to start adding the wing struts (and the rigging there...), so the wings were weathered and added and the whole thing left to dry.

Then I began the painstaking process of adding the wing struts. The short ones around the cockpit went on first, with some help of some spare Lego blocks... I am doing each tier of struts separately so I can build up the rigging as I go and it doesn't make the whole thing too fiddly. 

This was then put aside as I went up north for work again... It's a slow process when you work away part-time of the week! 

There is more to come on this build, but for now, thanks for reading!

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Vapnartak 2017

Sunday the 5th of February was the date for 2017's annual Vapnartak show, held at the Racecourse in York. Unfortunately, Dean couldn't make it this year as something had come up, but Ninjasaurus Rex and I made the trip north to see the little men. Below is a photo dump of the pictures I took of some of the games on display (not all of them mind!), so enjoy the eye candy:

Large First World War desert game, with a nice British 60lber gun line:

Peter Pig's Men of Company B Vietnam rules demonstration:

An excellent looking Oldhammer game involving lizardmen, predators and Vikings:

A Zombie apocalypse game:

A large scale post-medieval battle on the edge of a fortified town (I'm sorry, I didn't get any details of this game...).

Wings of Glory Battle of Britain game:

And First World War equivalent.

I went with no lead list this year, but always like to come away with something. This year, I bought myself some Vikings from Museum Miniatures and Peter Pig (along with some Japanese peasants for Dean) and the board game Machi Koro, which I have heard lots of good things about:

We also had the good fortune of bumping into people we knew and meeting new ones. All in all, a great day and one of the best shows here in the north!

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Brisfit Means Brisfit WIP Part 2

The Brisfit build is chugging along nicely and even though I work away, I am able to do some bits and pieces when I get home. So continuing from Part One, where I had the body glued together, I was able to get the tail assembly on, as the flaps and rudder had to be glued on I had to leave this to dry for a while again.

Then it was flipped over and some smaller bits were put in place. You can also see that I have block painted some of the areas, I don't mind if these parts get scratched as they will all be repainted at some point anyway, this is acting as a base coat at the moment. The exhausts were also glued in place at this point.

I glued the observer's position cover in place as well, finally sealing up the interior. I have also been thinking about weathering on this plane for the future. As you can see in this photo I had a quick go at it as I waited for other bits and pieces to dry. Here I used a blob of white paint thinned down and smeared around with a brush to give the fabric a worn and old feeling. I was quite pleased with the result and will revisit this later. However, for now, I repainted the plane ready for its decals later.

The nose was a nice little mini-build and went in place perfectly, I left the radiator flaps up (this is probably not strictly accurate as the plane will be on the ground) as I wanted to see the brass of the radiator below.

The next job was the clean up the paint job, gloss varnish the plane and start putting decals on. I chose a scheme of aircraft number 19 from 35 Squadron, based in France in February 1918 (partly because I screwed up the decals of the original scheme I wanted to use...). As with the rest of the kit the decals are great; there is very little extra decal paper around the designs, so it doesn't stand out to much and there isn't much to trim off.

Then the plane (and decals) was sealed again with gloss varnish and when that had dried, matt varnish. And that is about as far as I had got so this WIP will continue in the next exciting episode! Stay tuned and hang on to your seats!

Thanks for reading!