Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Rebel (re)Base on Yavin

I re-based the Rebel figures I have for Star Wars Miniatures Battles and bought a few more figures to add to the units. SWMB works better when the figures are individually based, so this prompted the decision to re-base.

The figures came from Ground Zero Games and are in their Stargrunts range and they look close enough to pass as the Rebels from Return of the Jedi. So with the original 16 that I had, I added enough to make  four ten men sections, each with a commander and repeating blaster specialist and eight men carrying blaster rifles. These four sections made a platoon, commanded by a two man HQ. 

This is Red Squad, as indicated by the red insignia on the arm:

Blue Squad:

Green Squad:

Gold Squad:

And the Company HQ:

All together on the table, they make a pretty formidable force:

In time I will add a couple of heavy weapons, like a tripod mounted repeating blaster but as SWMB uses about 30-40 figures in a game, I won't need any more basic infantry, so I can switch my attention to finishing off the Imperials and some of the characters from that galaxy far, far away. 

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Sunday, 27 September 2015

Yorkshire Air Show 2015

On Saturday we attended the Yorkshire Air Show, the first at the new Church Fenton airfield venue near Towton. There was a queue building up as we arrived and it took us over an hour to crawl the couple of miles from Towton to the show site. 

However, when we arrived we did find a brilliant show awaiting. Below are a selection of the pictures I took.

A bunch of Willys jeeps.

Spitfires galore!

Fokker Dr.1


The Ravens display team.

The Dakota aloft!

The first Spitfire of the day!

One of my favourites, the Heuy.

A Meteor and Venom.


The Wildcats Aerobatics display team.

The Loach.

Another Spitfire and a P-40 Warhawk.

P-51 Mustang! This was travelling so fast it was hard to get a decent unblurred picture of it!

Bucker Jungmann.

The Global Stars (?) aerobatics team.

Two Gnats.

A third Spitfire and a Hurricane.

The air show was also the second to last ever flight of the last airworthy Vulcan XH558, so that was a privilege to witness. She arrived with the two Gnats, there should be three but a pilot was killed earlier this year.

It was sad to watch the Missing Man formation fly overhead.

After a long show, the Vulcan disappeared off into the sun, only to fly once more before being grounded.

It was a brilliant day, only slightly marred by the three hour wait to leave the carpark. My recommendations for next year would be more food stalls, better stewarding of the carparks and more toilets! We already said that we would travel by train next year, like my friends did!

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