Armour of God

As part of the on-going Japanese force I am currently working on, I finished these two 15mm Type 97 Chi-Ha tanks recently. They are by Command Decision, and are quite nice little models. These were bought a long time ago, before Skytrex hiked up their prices to try and kill off their 15mm ranges.

As armour was thin on the ground during the Malay/Singapore campaign I think two will be enough for me for now. 

They were painted with Vallejo paints and I used the following: Base coat: 833 German Camo Bright Green, Camouflage Stripes: 914 Green Ochre, 872 Chocolate Brown and 916 Sand Yellow. With the usual Khaki dry-brushing and rust for weathering.

Also this week at work someone brought in a shell for me to identify. I wasn't sure myself so I asked some more in the know and it appears that it is a 3.7cm AT shell from WW1. It's inscribed with Mesopotamia 1917-18, a Turkish Star and Crescent Moon and the name A.W. Hurtley. Here it is along with Hurtley's war medal:

I have a pretty enjoyable job sometimes...


  1. Great looking tanks with nice, clean paint job.

    I never got into 15mm Armour due to a large European WW2 microarmour collection, but then I started a 20mm early war Japanese collection that I've blogged about under the title of The Anatomy of a Small War , on

    We never know where this crazy hobby will take us.

    1. Thanks Robert, I'm glad you liked it! I too used to have a large micro armour force, but for some reason I sold them all years ago. I've been gaming with 15mm for over twenty years, it's too late to stop know! Thanks for the link, I'll put your blog on the good blog list!


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