More Lancer 20mm First World War British

In addition to the rifle grenadier section that I painted recently, I also bought a few more British figures from Lancer Miniatures. I was able to make another full section of riflemen plus a couple of Big Men. Here are the riflemen:

And from the back:

I used two more riflemen as a sergeant and a corporal. I had also included a couple of British officers in the order and these are now a Captain and a Major (with the addition of my base labels!). The chap with the monocle makes an excellent Major.

And here the Big Men are from the rear:

Lancer Miniatures don't have a massive range, but they also do a couple of nice special figures, one releasing a messenger pigeon and the other on a field telephone.

The guy with the pigeon is a really nice touch and demonstrates very well the problems of command and control in the First World War (no one mention Speckled Jim, please...).

The chap with the field telephone will make a nice Forward Observer Officer for those off board batteries.

The ranks of my 20mm British forces are swelling nicely and the Lancer Miniatures are excellent additions. I will certainly be investing in more in future, plus checking out some of their Germans.The poses are nice, the proportions on the figures really well done and they have some interesting bits and bobs. And best of all, they're cheap!

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  1. A very nice looking group, love the "pigeon thrower"!

    1. Thanks Phil! Yeah, he's great, ain't he? I had to buy it as as soon as I saw him!


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