Derby Worlds 2017

Yesterday, 7th October 2017, was the first day of the two day Derby Worlds wargaming show and I drove down to Leicestershire with Ninjasaurus Rex and Dean to attend for the day. The venue had moved from last year, which meant a longer drive for us, but only about twenty minutes more. 

The new venue is on an old proving ground at Brunington and was hosted in a hanger. The new space is smaller than last years, but still managed to pack tons in. I took photos of lots of the games, but I also missed quite a few, so I am sorry if your game doesn't appear here (or I get mixed up with what was what)!

The League of Extraordinary Kreigespielers - Back of beyond 28mm

York Wargames Society - ACW Gettysburg Bufford's Stand

KB Club - WW2/Cold War "What If?" Scenario

Second Thunder - Open Combat

The Boondock Sayntes - Last of the Mohecans

Like a Stone Wall Wargames Club - Madenu

The War and Conquest Society - Dark Ages

The War and Conquest Society - Ancients

Derby Wargames Society - The Battle of Port Arthur

Yarkshire/Leeds Wargames Club - Battle of Jutland

I wasn't sure what this one was, Bolt Action WW2/what if scenario?

Baccus - The Battle of Manchester

Leicester Phatt Cats - Blood and Plunder

I don't remember the name of this dragon heavy game, perhaps it was Mathew Clarke's Magic Realm?

Westbury Wargamers - First Day at Gettysburg

Stand To Games - 28mm Napoleonic Skirmish Game (I think!)

My favourite of the day; Border Rievers - The Battle of Quatre Bras

Massed French infantry assaults at Quatre Bras

There's nothing like a good massive 28mm Napoleonic game!

The Ilkley Lads - Cerignola 1503

Cheshire and Staffordshire Wargamers - 28mm Ancients Chinese Vs Khmer

Yorkshire Renegades - Nazi Zombies (I think...)

And my stash? I didn't buy too much, having just come back from Vienna, but I did get two Maus, one to use myself and one to make and sell, seven more figures for Judge Dredd from  a rummage box, an Ape biker, also for Judge Dredd and the one thing I went for a set of Baccus French Cassions.

We ended up staying a lot longer than I was expecting, also, I met with some friends and made some new ones, so all in all it was a good day!


  1. I think the Ilkley Lads game was actually Cerignola 1503

    Nice pics and a good-but-modest haul :)

    1. Thanks Tamsin, I've edited it with the correct info! Yep, I didn't want to spend too much and I achieved that at least...

  2. Thanks for taking the time to report back, the photo's look excellent and show a good mix of games, with seemingly a good few on the old 6' x 4' tables. I think for a fave I would have been stuck between Quatre Bras and the ACW Burfords game - all splendid of course.

    1. Thanks Norm, my pleasure, there was a good mix of games on display and I always like the spectacle of demo games. Thankfully there were also a lot of participation games on offer as well!

  3. Cheers for including our Jutland Game, Derby is one of the few 2 day shows left to fit it in so it was a pleasure to attend.

    1. No problem Ken, I saw the game at Leeds Fiasco last year and was very impressed by it then as well!

  4. Excellent report, as I couldn't make it! Some lovely games, and fine photos, Alex!! Top work, Sir!

    1. Cheers Sidney, I'm glad you liked the report. There was a lot of fine games n display, it's always a pleasure browsing them.

  5. The 'Magic Realm' photo is indeed correct.
    My 3-d modelled version is based on the old 1970's Avalon Hill board game answer to Dungeons and Dragons RPG.
    Although there are three dragons from a total of 5 (I think) that were generated from the random appearance chart there are many other beasties or denizens such as the patrol, woodfolk, bashkars, lancers, etc that can also appear at specific locations.
    Somewhere in all that dragon activity was a player character who'd failed to hide with his three rogues (hired at the Inn in the first turn) and subsequently got killed on turn 2!
    Magic Realm is not run by a dungeon master. You get 28 days to complete a set of self-assigned victory conditions. However it is well known that just surviving for 28 days could be considered a success.
    Players take it in turns programming their characters with certain activities they can perform each day whilst working their way around a pre-generated map (by the players). Each map tile has between 4-6 localities within it and can be flipped when enchanted to reconfigure that map tile. Usually player characters are trying to locate specific sites for looting (great treasures, smaller treasures spell books etc) or searching out monsters to battle and accumulate fame and notoriety. Each day a die is rolled to determine which creatures and denizens are prowling on that day and on which tile and locality they will appear.

    The game itself has mechanics in many ways ahead of its time (modular tiles fro a different map set up and chit selection to distribute treasure and key monster sites differently each play). The main problem with the first two rules editions was it was almost impossible to make sense of!! It is known as the Advanced Squad Leader of the fantasy board game genre.

    Recent fan made versions and a revised set of rules and play aids make this THE BEST fantasy board game out there (in my opinion) but I realise using words like 'fantasy game' at a wargames convention could be like speaking from the bottom of a well. :)
    Matt Clark


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