It Ain't Half Hot, Mum

I have been away for the weekend touring Holland, Belgium and the UK with the band Goat Leaf, but before I left I finished off my first British battalion for the Malaysia campaign of 1941/2. The OOB came from the excellent Japanese World War II Scenarios (Volume Two) Malaya by A. Michael Sayce which is specifically for Rapid Fire. I got my copy from Cavalier Books.

The unit consists of:
HQ = CO + 6 figs (1 x Boys A/T rifle, 1 x 2" mortar)
3 x Infantry Companies, each with 8 figures (1 x SMG, 6 x rifles 1 x Bren)

All the figures are from the Peter Pig Eighth Army Range, which is the correct uniform that the men would have worn before it changed over to the jungle pattern, later.

I followed the Flames of War guide to painting the Eighth Army, but added a dark green helmet instead of a sand coloured one. 

The battalion is a much smaller unit than their Japanese opponents and has far less firepower, but I guess that adds to the challenge. I have a couple more of these units plus some 2 pounder A/T guns to finish before I can get a game with them, but it won't be far off now. Thanks for looking!


  1. Looking very splendid, Alex. I like the fact you're picking Malaysia for the games - a really interesting, perhaps slightly forgotten theatre of the War. Have fun on tour!

    1. Thanks Sidney. Yes, it is rather forgotten isn't it? I knew nothing about it until I went to Singapore, besides that Britain had fought there. I am back from the tour, got back on Sunday, I'm still pretty shattered though...

  2. Good to know someone's taken my advice to heart! I hope you'll find the scenario booklet as useful as I did.

    Here's hoping you'll find these two entries inspiring:

    1. Excellent, thank for the links, they are really useful!! Yeah, the scenario booklet is really good, but Cavalier Books are unable to source the others in the series, which is disappointing. But at least I have some OOBs to work with!


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