It's Done, Finally!

It's taken over a year to finish, but I have finally, finally, finally finished the Eduard 1/48th Pfalz DIII kit.

The plane and pilot were finished a while ago but I was just waiting a long time for a display board to be delivered. Unfortunately, when it arrived it was the wrong size! So I had to order another from these lovely people, which fortunately came very quickly and was the right size!

I added a piece of textured grassed paper to the base and then added more Woodland Scenics grass using PVA and an old brush. First the thicker clumps:

Then a thinner spread of grass over the rest of the area:

Finally I fixed the plane and pilot in place with Superglue and Bob's your Aunty's live-in-lover: 

I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out, I have learned a lot during the process of building this and am looking forward to starting on the Roland CII I have had tucked away since Christmas...

Today is also the 95th Anniversary of the Battle of Amiens where the British Expeditionary Force took the lessons it had learned the hard way over the past three years and smashed through the German lines with a combination of scientific artillery fire, combined arms operations and tactical superiority. It signalled the beginning of the end of the First World War with the 100 Days campaign and was a major Allied victory that is all but forgotten today.

Remember them.


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