6mm La Haye Sainte

Back at the Joy of Six I picked up a 6mm MDF model of La Haye Sainte. It's made by Commission Figurines and like all their products is a wonderfully detailed piece. It was pretty easy to construct and paint, I just copied the colours from pictures on the net and added a bit of static grass to break up the base. I also emphasised the areas that would have heavy traffic in the yard and painted them in a thicker drybrush of Khaki than the other areas so they look like paths.

The only thing I didn't do and maybe should have, was to cover the joins in the MDF with Polyfilla. However, it's not a major problem for me and is something I can do in the future.

So there you have it, a nice little model which is reasonably priced (about £5) and nicely detailed.

A short and sweet post, thanks for reading!


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