ROBIN 2017

On Sunday, Warlord Games held their first Red On Blue In Nottingham (ROBIN) a new Wargaming show for the Midlands. Dean, Ninjasaurus and myself braved the awful weather to visit. It was good for me, as Dean paid me in and Ninjasaurus bought me lunch for driving them. We were quite surprised by Warlord running the show a week after Varpnartak and in February when everyone was still recovering from Christmas spends. But fortune favours the brave and all that, we were pleasantly surprised to see a good turn out in a large venue, which wasn't full, but wasn't empty either.

Anyway, here is a photo dump of some of the games on show:

I didn't spend too much, just £10 on two Ferdinands and a Sturmtiger by Zvezda and as luck would have it my local charity shop had a copy of Carcassonne and Carcassonne Hunters and Gathers, both for £3!

All in all, ROBIN was excellent for it's first outing. It's a show that has a lot of potential and is in the good location at the Tennis Centre. It's a place that will allow for growth and is reasonably easy to reach (my bad map reading not withstanding). There were a lot of participation games, which is great to see, I'm not too fussed about joining in, but it gets kids interested and involved. Anything that helps other people without grey hair get into this hobby is a good thing. It's certainly one to add to the diary for 2018.


  1. Your crashed TIE fighter was a direct inspiration for the "Battle of Hokku" Hoth/Jakku mash-up board at the show =]

    1. Really! I wish I'd known, I'd have said hello! The game looked great BTW, although I'd suggest getting some Stormtroopers from Highlander Studios, their "Minions" range.

    2. I've also just realised that I didn't include the picture of your SW game, so I've fixed it!


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