Roland CII Wip Pt.2

This model Roland CII is progressing at a nice rate and is a pleasurable build, but that may be something to do with not having the nagging feeling of not writing enough about chemical warfare hanging over me any more...

To get up to speed, have a look at part one of this build HERE, meanwhile back on the work bench, the rest of the bits in the cockpits went together pretty easily even with the amount of tiny pieces that are in them. Here is the left hand side of the fuselage showing the tiny handles and what I believe to be the camera.

However, the right hand side is a whole lot busier! The amount of detail in this kit is excellent and it really was worth every penny, demonstrated here, where you can see the engine, pilot's cockpit, observer's cockpit and all the other little bits and pieces packed in there!

A couple of close ups of the detailed interior.

I particularly like the photo-etched seatbelts, they really add a lovely level of detail.

Well, most of that detail will not be seen when the fuselage is joined together, but it was enjoyable to add it all the interior. Plus I would have had a nagging feeling if I'd missed anything out... So I glued the two halves of the fuselage together and wrapped her up like a Mummy, all ready for bed.

I had a bit of trouble with the amount of stuff in the interior stopping the two sides going together flush, but a few cuts with the knife on some of the parts and it went together nice and snug. After leaving it overnight to dry the next step was to add the top part of the engine and glue the wings in place.

It may be the simplicity of the design of the Roland, but all the wings went together really well and there is now very little left to actually build of this kit. This is point I reached before having had a few busy evenings, but I will do some work on this kit over the weekend.

Thanks for looking!


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