British 2-Pounder Anti-Tank Guns for Malaya

The latest edition to my growing British force for the Singapore/Malaya campaign project are these two 2-Pounder Anti-Tank guns from Peter Pig. As with all PP figures these are lovely little pieces and are manned by PP's Eight Army gun crew.

The bushes on the fronts of the bases are courtesy of the War Painter, find my review of them HERE.

From the source book, these two guns appear to be the only support the British had during the campaign except some 25-Pounders and they will have their work cut out with the amount of Japanese tanks that were involved in the invasion.

The crew were painted the same as the other British units that I have and I decided to paint the gun in Bronze Green as thought they had been rushed to the east and there wasn't enough time for a repaint. I was directed to this SITE from a discussion on TMP about British equipment colours in Malaya and saw that some of the vehicles were in this colour.

Anyhoo, there is still more to come for this project, but thanks for looking!


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