A Pair of Albatrii, pt.2

I started these two bloody things over a fortnight ago, I thought it would be a quick job of building them. But boy, was I wrong. The complexity of the small parts proved to be a bit of nightmare and given their small scale it was tougher than I thought it would be. I was hoping to get both finished together, but the second one is still in this state:

I did, however, manage to pull myself together and finish one of them. This one represents an aircraft from Jasta 19 in 1918, flown by the succinctly named Oliver Freiherr von Beaulieu-Marconnay. He scored 25 victories and was the youngest recipient of the Pour-Le-Merite, but on his death bed at age 20. Oliver had been injured ten days previously from friendly fire on October 16 1918.

The verdict? Very nice kits for the highly skilled modeller, but being only moderate myself, I struggled with this. The top wing was a real pain to put on and I eventually left off a lot of the smaller photo-etched parts as they were just too fiddly! Plus I decided not to rig the crate as I had had enough of looking at the bloody thing. Maybe I'll revisit it in the future, but for now it's in the cabinet!


  1. I think they look fantastic. I laughed when I saw the first line of your post. The reference to the "two bloody things" kind of gave the game away. Splendid work, and well done.

    I do need to pop my cherry on a biplane kit soon. Is there a self-help group for biplane virgins somewhere?

    1. Thanks Sidney, it has been a bit of struggle with these ones to be honest. There is still the second one sitting on my workbench giving me the stink eye every time I go in the back room...

      I am not sure if there is a self-help group, just a continual wailing and gnashing of teeth from lonely backrooms...

      I would try out one of Eduard's 1/48th kits first, they are a pleasure to build compared to these smaller (and fiddlier) versions. The Roland I built a while ago was really enjoyable and is probably an easier kit with the wing configuration. If you are thinking of going down the 1/72nd route, Revell kits seem to be really easy to go together, I've built three and none gave me any problems!


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